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Eye Injuries: How to Help You Without Hurting?

The eyes are not only very important for perceiving the world around us, but also a very sensitive organ, even a small eye injury can cause long-term damage. For example, a ruptured blood vessel in the eye can cause the development of glaucoma and a foreign body that is not washed to the eye in time can puncture the cornea or cause inflammation that requires long treatment.

BENU pharmacist Laura Mockutė says even minor eye injuries can have consequences for vision, so they need to be taken seriously.

“People often rush to the pharmacy in the morning when the inflammation begins: the eyes are red, it causes a feeling of discomfort, itching, sometimes it is difficult to open due to an increase in crushing. Inflammation can range from a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection to a foreign body in the eyes or an injury.In the case of dry, reddened eyes, anti-inflammatory medications for the eyes and other moisturizers, such as for tired eyes sunlight, can help.

However, I always suggest that you consult a pharmacist or ophthalmologist first, because eye damage can be serious and, if you treat it incorrectly, it will make the situation worse, ”says pharmacist L. Mockutė.

Knowing some basic rules for dealing with an eye injury also helps facilitate treatment.

Dust, flies and smoke

In the warm season, we spend a lot more time outdoors, burning campfires while camping or just having barbecues in the backyards, riding bikes or scooters; there is certainly a fly in our eyes at least once. L. Mockutė says that often when the eyes begin to tear more, the eye itself removes the foreign body. But what if the foreign body doesn’t let go of the eye?

“Don’t rub your eyes, but raise your upper eyelid with clean hands and stretch your eye in all directions as they move away from you; the foreign body slides down to the corner of your eye and you can remove it. easily.

And if there is a possibility: do not remove the foreign body by hand, especially if it is very small, but open your eyes by washing with water, “says the pharmacist, noting that if you still feel uncomfortable repeat the procedure several times. , consult a doctor who will safely remove the remaining foreign body.

The same rule applies if you see that there is a foreign body stuck in the eye; do not try to remove it yourself, as you run the risk of causing an even bigger wound. Cover your eyes with a piece of clean gauze, try to blink as little as possible, and call for first aid.

Smoke, eyes irritated by dust, can help the eye gel with dexpanthenol, which improves wound healing, helps in the presence of small superficial damage to the conjunctiva or cornea. “In the human body, dexpanthenol is converted to pantothenic acid, which is a substance in the vitamin B complex, which is also present in the human body. The regenerative properties of dexpanthenol improve cell regeneration and skin healing. wounds, ”says the pharmacist.

Bright light, sun

Computer and other smart device screens dehydrate the mucous membranes of the eyes; both blue light and much less frequent blinks are harmful: when working with a computer, they blink even 5 times less than when the eyes rest. And we add the effects of bright sunlight or bright light.

“Not only the skin but also the eyes must be protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. By the way, different spectra of UV rays affect the eyes differently: UVB rays are usually absorbed by the cornea, so they do not enter the retina and UVA can pass through the cornea, the lens of the eye and reach the retina .. Thus, direct sunlight not only dries the mucous membranes of the eyes, but can also cause inflammation of the eyes: inflammation of the eye. cornea, photokeratitis, also known as snow white, or photoconjunctivitis: inflammation of the conjunctiva, “says the fruit woman.

You can damage your eyes by looking directly at the sun as well as the reflected rays of water, sand, concrete and snow. Therefore, when sunbathing, it is advisable to choose sunglasses with polarizing lenses that eliminate glare from light-reflecting surfaces. Also use a hat or wide-brimmed hat to keep the UV as low as possible for the top of the glasses.

Inflammation caused by bright light is usually very painful, but the symptoms go away in 1-2 days: pain in the eyes, tearing, fear of light, redness of the eyes, blurred vision or a feeling of sand in the eyes. Moisturizing eye drops can also alleviate the situation.

“Eye drops with a moisturizing and calming effect reduce eye sensitivity. They can be with sodium hyaluronate, propylene glycol, guar hydroxypropyl, mineral oils. Lipid-based eye drops also moisturize the surface of the eyes, which rests and stabilizes the lipid layers of the tear film and reduces excessive evaporation of tears, ”says L. Mockutė.


During active leisure or sports, bruises to the eyes are not always avoided. According to the pharmacist, minor bruises are easily treated at home and go away on their own, but it is important to control for any infection or other symptoms that indicate severe trauma, such as impaired vision, constant pain, bruising, or bruising to the eye. Then you need to consult a doctor.

“In all cases of contusions, first aid is dry and cold, such as a package of frozen products or a special package removed from the freezer and wrapped in a clean towel. Gently add such a cold compress to the battered eye and hold it every couple of hours for 15-20 minutes. After 24 hours After the injury, start using hot compresses; this will help reduce bruising, which causes bruising on the eyes, ”advises pharmacist L. Mockutė.

If the injury is severe, such as a ruptured skull leaking fluid from the eye, the eye has been damaged by a puncture; call an ambulance immediately. It is important to remember that neither the eye nor the eyelids should be washed after cutting or puncturing the eye. Also, do not try to remove the trapped foreign body. Cover your eyes with a clean cloth or bandage until help arrives.

Eye contact with chemicals

No matter how difficult the situation is when harmful chemicals get into the eyes, it is important to stay calm and try not to blink until you wash your eyes with clean water. Because closing your eyes will only make the situation worse; this prevents the chemicals from escaping from the eyes and pushing them further under the envelopes.

Thus, when washing the eyes, the eyelids can be held with two fingers so that the eyes are always open. Rinse your eyes with clean running water for a long time (about 15-20 minutes). After washing, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Whenever possible, you should have a package of chemicals with you so that doctors know exactly what substances have reached your eyes.

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