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Final "Crisis Committee" with G. Nauseda

The candidate for the post of president of Lithuania, Gitanas Nausea, begins the Dining Room on Wednesday morning. There economist responds to the questions of the "crisis committee" led by Stasis Janeliunas, a member of the peasant group, and represents his position at a press conference.

According to S. Jakeliunas, the commission is interested to find out that the long-term advisor to the chairman of SEB Bank G. Nausea assessed risks in the financial market and gave advice to one of the largest banks in the country.

"It is interesting to talk about how he assessed these risks and whether he assesses the role of banks in the economy because they are systemic participants, not just business. What are the recommendations and if that is not just what was said in the public sphere, but also the management of the bank and its president, whose advisor was, " told the commission head.

Asked whether he was afraid that the opposition would use this opportunity to accuse rulers of trying to win a presidential candidate, S. Jakeliunas said it was not so. According to a member of the fraction of the Lithuanian Rural and Green Union (LIEU), when the economist decided that the presidential position without the party supported the language of the ruin, it would be stopped.

"When (G. G. Naused – was a potential conservative candidate for the president, such assessments were, but now I can not hear. In addition, I complained to the Commission on the main administrative ethics that I had spoken to Mr. Naus and now I'm trying to get revenge, and I think that such statements are not planned and unfounded, "S. said. Jakeliunas.

Stasis Jakeliunas

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Also expected is V. Doveika

Together with the former SEB Bank Advisor, the Commission will also visit 2006-2009 meetings. Virginijus Doveika, Manager of International Business Clients in the same bank. He is currently run by the Retail Banking Division of the Baltic Banking Division of the SEB Group. Commissioners expect to hear Dovey's explanation as to whether the bank is responsible for assessing the risks associated with lending to the economy and lending to the real estate market.

"We will look at how the loan decisions have been made as collateral with the value of the loan, but it turned out that this was not done with sufficient liability." He also wondered how the mortgage loan company is acting on credit approval, and then transfers the risk to this company, de facto state, because the company went bankrupt, "explains S. Jakeliunas.

Both senior financiers from SEB Bank will be asked about the impact of the pre-crisis fluctuating loan portfolio in euros on the extent of the financial crisis and the dependence of financial institutions on external financing.

Gitanas Nausea and Kestutis Glaveckas

Gitanas Nausea and Kestutis Glaveckas© Дмитрий Радлинск

G. Nausea will present her version

Immediately after visiting the commission, G. Nausea, along with the leader of the communication campaign, Aistak Zabarauskas and Liberal Kestutis Glaveckas, who is taking part in the commission, will attend a press conference in which he intends to talk about preparations for the upcoming death of Lithuania.

"Yes, leaving the commission, Mr. Naoussa will summarize what has been said and give his vision of further things. We also want to focus on the future, as Mr. Naoussa himself spoke, and not one other expert, that he expected a heavy era in one way or another. It also takes a look at the future "- A. Zabarauskas is experienced.

K. Glavekeckas believed he wanted to surrender to G.Nausdai's platform and talk about the future challenges facing Lithuania, but he does not think that it will counter S. Jakeleunasu, who runs the Commission. Last talked about the press conference and intends to visit her.

Representatives of SEB Bank are the last in the long list of witnesses. At previous meetings, members of the parliamentary study "On the factors and circumstances that caused the crisis of 2009-2010 in Lithuania" have already been expressed by A. Misevičius, former Finance Minister Rimantas Šadžius, Andrius Želionis, Director of the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance, in 2004 to the European Parliament, then Margarita Starkevičiute, former Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas, Senior Advisor to the Finance Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance and Richard Kasperavičius, Senior Economist at Svedbank Nerijus Maciulis and President of the European Union in the period 2004-2008, representing the Lithuanian Liberal-Central Union. Giedrius Dusevičius, who took over the chairmanship of the same bank.

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