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Five signs of diabetes you find worth checking

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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common chronic diseases, the first signs of which some patients may not even know. However, it is precisely a quick diagnosis of a disease that is very important and can help prevent complications.
Celebrating World Diabetes Day, experts are more likely to recall that the disease recognizes this disease and records, but the best way to see is blood sugar measurements and consult your doctor.
Elva Ramashkiene, a pharmacist at Eurovision, points out that early diagnosis is important for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, since the consequences of delay are equally ill in both cases. True, type I diabetes is more pronounced and more recognizable, and this is type II – can be quietly incorporated for several years.


"The first type of diabetes is diagnosed when immunity starts to kill the insulin-producing pancreatic cells, which usually affects young people aged 35-40. It is often diagnosed in children and adolescents, which can lead to inheritance, but not only The other type of diabetes is usually determined by the human way of life, the disease or its complications, which is more common in older people, "says E. Ramashen.
According to the pharmacist, the symptoms of the first type of diabetes are quite pronounced and seem pretty fast. The first five symptoms include high levels of thirst, excessive urination, increased fatigue, weakness and noticeable weight loss. After a while there is another recognizable sign – the acetone flavor begins to start in the mouth.
But Diabetes Type II seems to be less clear. Symptoms of this diabetes mellitus are very similar but not so active. And, unlike type 1 diabetes, weight gain in this case usually increases significantly, obesity, excessive weight is recorded.
"The more diagnosed diabetes, the more complicated it is, and it is harder." Many people with type 2 diabetes are suffering from cardiovascular diseases because they are late for their doctors, although it is precisely this type of diabetes that is timely observation of the class, body ", – notes E. Ramashen.
According to her, complications often affect not only the vascular system, but also the eyes, nerves and kidneys, and hence, with the best doubt, check and consult doctors on time.

Check – for all

In case of doubt, it is best to determine the level of blood sugar. This is important for everyone, especially those with family history of the disease, as well as overweight and older people.
"Older people often have problems with the liver, pancreas, cardiovascular diseases, and these diseases promote diabetes mellitus." Another cause of the disease is a low activity when sugar begins to accumulate in the body and thus breaks rapidly, "says the pharmacist.
E. Ramashkin points out that diabetes can end with a very serious complication of influenza. If the symptoms of the flu are unclear and without flu, it is worth knowing what causes them.
Every year in November, various health facilities and organizations are traditionally more active in inviting us to free our blood and see their blood sugar.
Last year, this campaign was held in the four main cities of Lithuania, at the initiative of the network of "evrovista" drug addicts and people who unite people with diabetes.
The results showed that among almost 1,000 randomized people, more than a dozen high-risk patients had to be immediately sent to family doctors for advice.
Sugar in this year's blood can be free this year from November 17 to 18 in the largest drug stores in the acropolis supermarkets in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and ҆iauliai.
E. Ramashen points out that there is no need for special training, but it is advisable not to eat before check, as certain foods can affect the level of glucose in the blood.

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