Sunday , September 26 2021

“Flying Holland” was greeted by nature in the rain and the audience with stormy applause

On July 29, the public witnessed a historic event: a new Klaipėda International Festival was born in the old Klaipėda shed, where the most advanced ships of the time were born a century ago or the tired of the dead were resurrected. the waves of the sea.

The special role of the audience gathered that night was also underlined by the mayor of the city of Klaipėda, Vytautas Grubliauskas: “You are like the signatories of the festival. When I saw the Flying Dutchman opera last year, I doubted if it was possible to create something even better, and this year even the scenery of nature has been applied to the opera. And it is not surprising that in the summer the residents of Vilnius go to Klaipeda to listen to opera: yes, it will be ”.

The aspirations of the Klaipėda State Musical Theater are no more modest than those of shipbuilders. Each year, Klaipėda will bring together artists from different countries and talents in the port city to present increasingly ambitious projects to the public and raise awareness of the city, the country and its creators.

“We want the festival to not only represent the port city or the coastal region, but in the long run to become the gateway to Lithuanian culture, open to European performing arts professionals and spectators and beyond,” said Laima Vilimienė, director of the Klaipeda State Musical Theater.

If you break a bottle of champagne when you drop it in the water, all you need is loud applause to get to know the new festival, which is born by the sea and you will become godparents. Not only does it force you to visit them every year, but it also provides pleasant sensations.

Even the audience consecrated by the rain listened to Wagner’s opera “Flying Dutchman” which was shown that night. One of the audience’s comments: “What I saw today is a first-rate performance! I can’t even imagine how many technicians and organizers worked on this project, but you’re a force to be reckoned with. I’m not talking about soloists, decorations anymore. , costumes, lighting and the whole atmosphere of the night.

I’ve seen the best show in the last five years. I wanted to cry, rejoice, and get excited so that everything would go the way it did today. I am in a very pleasant shock and I am very proud of all of you, Klaipeda. It’s amazing how many talented people we have.

I want to thank you, that you are worthy of all the applause that flies in the wind. You are my recommendation to anyone who wants to experience inexperienced feelings. “

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