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In the film "And All Their People" named A. Belobžeskas: "Best Selling – Sex and Recipes" | Names


After completing the installation work, the director does not hesitate to point out the theme "And all their people": "The film is about something that nobody could escape – about love."

However, as you will see yourself, a short video movie is included – the characters of the band have their opinion on what it is about. Vilma (actress Kristina Kazlauskaite) biography journalist David playing Andrius Bialobezeskis categorically: "The best selling recipes for sex and kitchen are. And here are two in one." Jurgas, an inhaled psychotherapist Inga Jankauskaite, is angry that "everything is not just sex in relationship." And the character of Audrey Bruce sums up: "everything will be like Hollywood here."


The creative team of the film unanimously agrees that the theme of each of us is the theme of the film: the relationship between women and men, all the misunderstandings that come out of them, the comical situations and the most important moments of life for each person. On the banner, just like in life, serious episodes change the situation that represents a smile, and heavy themes naturally overlap with easy access to themselves and the world around them.

In the film "And all their people" in the center there are three women: they arrived and sought, loved and loved, and went again. Powerful figures with their eyes, ideals, fears and strengths. Women who love men in their lives, although sometimes it seems that everything is much easier without them. Men besides them are nothing less ambitious, complicated, decisive, and sometimes overwhelmed, like in real life.

The new Ulvide Movie about Real Life "And All Their People" will be available in theaters on January 25 next year. Bendu, whose production was supported by the Lithuanian Cinema Center, was presented by Inga Jankauskaite, Kristina Kazlauskaite, Ausra Giedraitite, Sarunas Januskevičius, Audrius Brugas, Andrius Bialobezeskis, Giedrius Savickas and other Lithuanian actors.

VIDEO: AND ALL THEIR WOMEN – Latest film U. D. Ulvidea in films on January 25th.

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