Tuesday , October 26 2021

Intoxicated actor Nicolas Cage was kicked out of a restaurant and left homeless Names


Nicolo Cage’s behavior at the restaurant was filmed last week, writes mirror.co.uk.

It is said that the actor drank expensive whiskey and tequila and did not feel the limits. Therefore, a significant increase was requested in the restaurant.

In the video, N. Cage is caught sitting on the couch and trying not to wear the sandals very successfully. In the next episode, the actor is immortalized trying to return to the restaurant, but the employee did not let him in, reports The Sun.

According to witnesses, the Oscar winner was considered homeless.

VIDEO: Nicolas Cage grabbed the camera “drunk and cheeky” while being kicked out of the sleek Las Vegas restaurant

The Sun reported the source of N. Cage’s outrageous behavior.

“We were in a restaurant and then we noticed a completely drunk man who we initially considered homeless. To our surprise, it turned out to be Nicolas Cage. He was completely out of focus and argued with the staff. He shouted at people and caused fights, then the staff told him to leave. “

It is also alleged that one of the actors in the restaurant took him home.

N. Cage himself has not yet commented on this situation.

15 min recalls that the actor married for the fifth time this year. His chosen one is Riko Shibata, 26 years old.

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