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MacBook Pro with M1 chip

Photographers, graphic designers and filmmakers have already been able to appreciate it with much improved graphics processing, battery life of up to 20 hours and impressive task performance.

The fastest graphics integrated into a personal computer

Video content professionals expect an advanced graphics processor, fast image processing, and good energy efficiency from a computer.

The new MacBook Pro is able to combine this, allowing the user to overcome many complex tasks simultaneously, use the latest graphic design programs and edit and edit videos of the highest quality.

Five times faster graphics help you handle heavy loads, work with resource-intensive applications on your device, and easily display 8K resolution recordings and convert 3D files seamlessly.

With the M1 chip, videos can be processed more than three times and photos seven times faster than before.

Work with popular image processing, creation and editing programs such as Photoshop, Shapr3D, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Unity Editor or Lightroom, now faster and smoother than ever.

Conversion, editing, modeling, application of filters or effects and other tasks are done much faster than on a previous computer model with an Intel processor. Test results also surpass the latest desktop computers on the market.

A small chip is a huge change

The next-generation MacBook Pro, with its eight-core CPU, runs almost three times faster than its previous model. This allows you to work even more efficiently and do more work at the same time.

The performance of the computer was determined by the completely new M1 chip system, which integrated all the most important elements of the computer in one place.

16 GB of shared memory allows applications to share data efficiently with a CPU, graphics processor, and a Neural Engine responsible for machine learning, greatly increasing computer speed.

Andrew Hoyle, a photographer for the popular technology portal, tested the device model with the M1 chip and was amazed at its capabilities and high performance speed.

Even those programs that are currently running with Rosetta 2 emulation technology show good results.

Photographers ’favorite photoshop and Lightroom are now fully adapted for new equipment with the M1 chip. A.Hoyle has no doubt that this computer is a safe choice for all photographers.

The filmmakers, meanwhile, appreciated that they could now run their favorite iOS apps on the macOS operating system. In addition, the new computer model already has a number of powerful applications designed and adapted specifically for the M1 chip.

This set of programs is growing every day. Those working with professional quality videos are also pleased that their processing speed has increased significantly and that battery life has not been affected or vice versa.

Double the battery life

A particularly significant change is energy efficiency. This is relevant for all users, but for graphic designers, video creators, or photographers, this aspect is especially important.

Video processing usually consumes a lot of computer power, but the new ARM architecture and solid chip memory help save it.

The MacBook Pro’s battery now lasts twice as long, 10 hours longer than the previous model. It is the longest lasting battery of a Mac. The battery lasts up to 17 hours of surfing the Internet and up to 20 hours while watching movies. This will allow you to work wherever you are and you won’t have to worry about a forgotten charger at home.

In addition, the computer is equipped with a special active cooling system that prevents the computer from overheating, even during extremely intense work. For this reason, it works very quietly.

New functions for smooth and efficient work

Weighing in at just 1.4kg, the device supports many of the latest technologies. The 16-core neural motor provides 11 times faster machine learning. It allows you to quickly perform any task: automate video analysis, voice recognition, photo processing, and more.

The computer has a 500-night Retina display that naturally reproduces images and their colors, and special True Tone technology helps the screen adapt to the environment in which it currently stands.

Comfortable backlit Magic keyboard for soft PC control, touch sensitive keyboard and touch bar for shortcuts. The Touch ID feature helps to authenticate the user quickly and easily and allows you to log in and make secure purchases. Next-generation Wi-Fi 6 provides high-speed connectivity.

The new model also focuses on video calling. The FaceTime HD camera with advanced video signal processor now guarantees a much richer and clearer image. And the new studio-level microphones capture the voice more accurately and successfully block other people’s noise.

The sleek, sleek design of the MacBook Pro has been the same, with a choice of silver or cosmic gray.

It also includes the new macOS Big Sur operating system, which includes enhanced privacy and data protection features, the largest set of apps in history, an even faster browser, an updated search, and more customization options.

You can now use Apple TV + Internet TV for free all year round with any Mac model.

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M1 MacBook Pro photo editing test beats ‘beast’ of a desktop PC

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