Thursday , July 7 2022

Nevsec signed a contract with the Citadela Group on the sale of assets at e-auctions


Photo: Igman Gedvil (15min / Scanpik)

The Advisory Real Estate Company Nevsec will sell the Citadela Group Real Estate (NT) in Panevezys.

During the first auction. m December 10 In addition to Panevio Sikrasa, the sales apartments will be sold, and 3 parcels that border with them will be sold. The initial price of the apartment is 1.1 million. Without VAT, in addition to the existing commercial plot, the price is 2.8 million. Eur without VAT, published in the report.

The building's surface for sale is 2.800 m2. m, along with 2.5 hectares of land owned by the property owner. The three-star hotel has 33 rooms and 3 modern conference rooms, maximum room for 250 people. The complex also has a restaurant and fast food cafe.

In addition to the supermarket, three commercial land (two for 15 hectares and 5 hectares) were sold. Based on detailed plans, buildings can be built up to 17 m (building density 0.46 and intensity 1.84), with built-in connections and communications.

According to the report, when assessing the strategic location of the site, highways and roundabouts, they are especially suitable for the construction of industrial and logistic facilities.

The building and adjacent plots will be sold at the public electronic auction of the platform Initially, the facility costs 3.9 million. EUR excl. VAT.

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