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Not looking at the attacks on gentle tricks, Jankauskas does not rush to make a decision about her chair

And the team of critics did not miss the last home game, when he came to Romania in mid-October 1-2 and even 1: 4 beat Montenegro.

After that, the most prominent fans in the game left the team in the wardrobe not the most adverse scandal.

We have already announced that the third year is E. Jankauskas, who runs the national team, will soon have to look for new activities.

Although the training agreement with the Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) is valid until November 2019, according to DELFI sources, LFF management has been determined to be converted in different ways.

It is still unclear whether the specialist will resign, or the federation will have to unilaterally terminate the contract. To find out the news, the changes are planned at the headquarters of the team of trainers.

At the last match of the IV Division of the Division C of the European Union, there will be no luck: our hard-earned ride in Romania and Serbia is waiting for us.

If Lithuania has almost no chance of withdrawing from the last position in the group (4 matches, 0 points) then the other three teams stand side by side to get the first place and the chance to continue on the cards for the European Championship.

Well, now it's the most important team, its composition, the game and, of course, I'm only looking at the nearest match now. I do not think it's time to talk about my future.

Edgar Jankauskas

22 on Tuesday afternoon came the players, and the last goalkeeper Emilijus Zubas came to the team late in the evening. Unlike previous teams for camping, M. Kukli did not play Tedikorg Zetis, who suffered a trauma to his foreleg.

Giedrius Matulevičius was first invited to the team instead of Lithuania, who last week became a champion in Lithuania with the Marijampolė "Suduva" team.

On Tuesday, the coach of the national team received excellent knowledge from a doctor to protect Vikintas Slivka, who was in the course of the ankle test: no serious injuries were detected.

However, the strategist was not sure if Vikintas would be ready for the next fight. "Well, because of him, he has a question mark because he has suffered a joint injury in the last race. But we still have a few days, hopefully a football player will be able to help us," – said E. Jankauskas.

The three-day state team is training in Vilnius since Tuesday and goes to Romania on Friday, November 17th. (Saturday) will meet with the national team. 20th November of the field match in Belgrade with the national team of Serbia.

– The chance of the team to withdraw from the last place – theoretically, what changes in preparation for the last European league match? – The journalists were set up by a team strategist.

– She does not change anything. We watch each match as the most important. Romanians are a deadly sword. Of course, they need more points, of course.

But that will not have an impact on our attitude.

– Will you try the new team players, give them more chances?

– We have several losses, so we invited several new or long-sighted faces. This will be a good opportunity to test new team players, see what you can give the team.

Of course, compared to the last match, there will be a change, we do not have Mantoa Kuklisa, who became traumatic in his club. We have no Nerya Valskis, who has already finished the season.

There are new faces – Grat Sirdes, who is healthy and physically fit. Yes – Giedrius Matulevičius, also – Mark Beneta, who played well in the last round of the A League.

– Maybe you know what you will specifically try in the upcoming match?

– Not yet, Wednesday is only the first full-time training. Tuesday was an introductory training since almost all players played on Sunday. Most of them ended the season, maybe someone had a gala dinner with their team. So yesterday we had very light training, another full-time training on Thursday, and a flight to Romania on Friday.

– Did you invite new players like watching the future of the team and have you decided about your future after these upcoming games?

– Well, now it's the most important team, its composition, the game and, of course, now I'm only looking at the nearest match. I do not think it's time to talk about my future. We have to concentrate on the upcoming struggle against Romanians.

– There is not enough criticism by the national team, maybe it can give the opposite effect: when no one expects anything, the chance to prove that many skeptics are wrong and that the team is capable of collecting points against teams like Serbia and Romania?

– Critique is a driving force, and this is obvious if the team does not meet expectations, that criticism must be. Every fan has the right to express his opinion, we take this responsibility. If we play poorly, we do not expect the scenes to be beautiful.

– Giedrius Matulevičius, who was invited to the first call, what safety features have attracted your attention?

– It's a pleasure to have taken a serious step this season, the boy has improved. In the first place he has an interesting technique, he can score a goal, and we really need such a player.

C Division 4 (place, team, team, match, win, draw, goal, goal, points):

1 Serbia 4 2 2 0 5: 2 8
2 Montenegro 4 2 1 1 6: 3 7
3 Romania 4 1 3 0 4: 3 6
4 Lithuania 4 0 0 4 2: 9 0

Composition of the Lithuanian football team:


Ernest Shetk (Haifa, Hapoel, Israel)

Jiugas Bartkus (Kira Shaman "Hapoel Ironi", Israel)

Emil Zub (Tel Aviv Bnei Iehuda, Israel)


Algis Jankauskas (Marijampolov "Suduva")

Vaidas Slavickas (Marijampole "Suduva")

Rolandas Baravikas (Vilnius "Žalgiris")

Linas Klimavičius (Vilnius "Žalgiris")

Justinas Janusevsky (Trakai)

Mark Benetta ("Kaunas Zalgiris")

Egidijus Vaitkunas (Minsk, Belarus)

Edvinas Girdvainis (Kesla, Azerbaijan)

For safety

Arvidas Novikovas (Bialystok "Jagielonia", Poland)

Vikintas Slivka (Edinburgh Hibernian, Scotland)

Deimantas Petravičius (Fakirk, Scotland)

Giedrius Matulevičius ("Suduva")

Arturas Žulpa (Kostanaj Tobol, Kazakhstan)

Daniel Romanovsky (Zemun, Serbia)

Domantas Simkus (Vilnius "Žalgiris")

Modest Vorobev (Trakai)

Donatas Kazlauskas (Trakai)

Gratas Sirtsas ("Kaunas Zalgiris")


Fedor Chernich (Moscow Dinamo, Russia)

Darvin Stern (Jizzak Sogdiana Jizzakh, Uzbekistan)

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