Saturday , March 28 2020
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Olympiacos brought the Greek League to the courts


The leaders of the Piraeus Olympiacos team have taken action against the Greek League. The club says the league broke the Greek sports rules.

According to the rules, the league had to leave Lavry Aegean, Colossos de Rhodes and Olympiacos. The first two – due to the last places in the league, OLY – deliberately lost the playoffs.

OLY was dissatisfied with the decision to keep the Aegean Lavrio in the highest Greek league. The rest of the Greek clubs decided to maintain the same number of teams.

By the way, the Greek basketball federation is in the same position as the leaders of the Piraeus team. According to them, the Lavryo club must go to the second league.

As a result of this OLY action, the leaders of the League will meet Thursday for an urgent meeting.

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