Friday , July 1 2022

Professor J. Kalibatas. Why a booster dose of COVID-19 only after 6 months?


A growing number of GPs are facing cases where it is very difficult to explain to their patients that they have tested their own antibody titers for their own money and have found that 3 or 4 months after the second vaccine, the titles are low or even close to zero, they can’t get a booster dose because, you see, you definitely have to wait 6 months. After lowering his head, the doctors explain that such a political decision has been made.

It turns out that the phenomenon of the Procrustian bed is alive and recurring and some of our politicians are becoming its perpetrators. After all, we all know very well that the recommendation of pharmaceutical companies that have developed mRNA vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 in record time is to be increased with a third dose of booster 6 months after the second vaccine is just a recommendation he has still had. to prove.

Do two doses of vaccine really protect us from coronavirus reinfection for 6 months? Any self-respecting scientist will answer for sure not, but will confirm that it reduces the chances of infection tenfold, protects against serious clinical forms of coronavirus infection, and prevents death.

U.S. researchers have conducted extensive research to find that only 1% of a group of individuals after a full vaccination (two vaccinations) are infected (apparently due to a weakened immune system) with infection. by coronavirus they enter the resuscitation rooms.

The results look really rewarding. But it turns out that some Lithuanians really don’t want to become a percentage, take care of their health, and want to receive a booster dose of the vaccine if their antibody titers are low.

But Procrust’s political bed does not allow it; unfortunately, 1 or 2 months are left for the established standard. And immediately listen to the explanations of our young experts that if the antibody is titrated and zero, but we will fully protect the memory cells of the immune system. Maybe if the person is young and the immune system is also flourishing.

But what about a 70-year-old citizen? I, as a scientist who has been actively researching the human immune system for ten years, could only shake my head, man, your immune system has really flourished, but I really support the desire to get a third dose of the vaccine without wait 6. months, which will increase the antibody titer by ten to ten times by one percent in the intensive care unit.

The human immune system can respond to vaccines in a variety of ways. After all, we have many cases in which virtually healthy doctors have already had a severe form of coronavirus infection several times. It seems that the more severe the form of the disease, the stronger the immunity should develop. Unfortunately, in practice, some rules are not always followed.

Recurrence of coronavirus infection does not always result in strong immunity. There is no other alternative to vaccination. But I don’t really condemn those Lithuanian GPs who really think we are wasting money on vaccines against antiviral drugs. After all, some of those who refuse to be vaccinated have lived for a long time in another ideological space of information and would only agree to be vaccinated with Sputnik-V, others are afraid of the tokens introduced with vaccines, others are devils.

Perhaps, however, we focus more on those who do not want to become infected and ill. Why we don’t establish antibody titles for people at risk. After all, with a complete picture of how the immune system has responded to vaccinations, we could start booster vaccines on time, significantly reducing the number of infected, sick, and dead people. At least before we make the third vaccine, we try to do it.

It will have invaluable advantages in the future. Some may be able to delay vaccination schedules. I already know of some doctors who refused to get vaccinated 6 months after the second vaccination because the antibody titers were very high. I wouldn’t want politicians to interfere too much in purely medical matters.

Let us remember well that until recently, a politician was trying to tell doctors how and with what drugs to treat and how this ended. You may let your GP decide when and which person should be vaccinated with a booster dose of COVID-19, taking into account the antibody titers established for all medical indications.

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