Thursday , May 19 2022

Prostate cancer: morbidity in Lithuania is growing, only one in four people checking


November is globally known as "bred November" (or "Movember"), when men are encouraged to check prostate cancer. The state fund for patients in the Ministry of Health (VLK), inviting Lithuanian men to participate freely in the prostate cancer prevention program, contributes to this initiative together with the Lithuanian Society for Prostate Cancer (LSPVD) and the Barzdai Club.

"During the ten months of this year, according to the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (PSDF), a program for the prevention of prostate cancer was tested, which was funded by more than 84,000 people, men. This means that it is 374,000 Lithuanian men who can test for free prostate cancer according to the age group is diagnosed only once in four. Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy in males and females in Lithuania and Europe, and its causes increase yearly. Therefore, we want to call on men not to delay and contact their delivery combining fresh surface doctor as soon as possible and to check their health, "- called the head of the Department for testing and inspection services-a VLK. Specialist Oksana Burokiena.

According to her, prostate cancer is a very maladaptive disease, because in the early stages of the disease patients do not experience symptoms, and when they occur, the disease has already progressed and its treatment becomes more difficult. Early cancer detection is much easier to cure. Therefore, for the diagnosis of this disease, as soon as possible, the fund for diseases is preparing a preventive program for prostate cancer, for which only 2.3 million people have been isolated this year. PSDF budget.

Men and women aged 50 to 69 years old include this preventive program and if their parents or brothers suffer from prostate cancer of 45 years. In addition, if the husband is not a programmer's programmer, but has complaints about his health, contact your doctor immediately.

"Until recently it was a shame to talk about the health of men. Now, people are more and more dare to admit that they need courage, often friendship, community and, of course, knowledge. They begin to realize that timely medical examinations or changes in their habits can save not only health, life, but also family, "said President Barclays Club Valdas Samkus.

According to VLK specialists, men have no reason to fear prostate cancer research. During the test, a blood sample is taken, indicating the amount of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the blood. If it is within the limits of PSA, the patient is healthy, and if it is elevated – GP is sent by the specialist doctor's advice. Treatment begins only if the condition of the urologist finds out to correct the diagnosis.

Patient patients remind you that the current 4 cancer prevention programs can be tested for free in Lithuania – prostate, colon cancer, cervix and breast cancer. Also, PSDF finances a cardiovascular prevention program.

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