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Skvernel presented by the Prime Minister: intrigue, non-adherence, lies – qualities that did not fit me


G.Nausėda, who had joined the Seimas Court, told S.Sannelis that he had submitted his candidature to the Seimas, because it was necessary, and Skvernelis was an experienced leader.

"I propose this candidature because it is supported by the majority of the Seimas and to create preconditions for the Government to act effectively, having the confidence of Seimas. It is necessary to send a candidate to the position of prime minister to guarantee the interaction between the authorities. The special constitutional status of the prime minister, as the head of government, determines the exceptional requirements of a person who holds this position.

The experience of the proposed candidate to take over as Prime Minister under the leadership of the 17th Government, as well as his previous experience under the leadership of the Interior Ministry, will undoubtedly help to overcome the future challenges I hope the Seimas will approve the nomination of Saulius Skvernel for the post of Prime Minister, "said the president.

VIDEO: Comment by President G.Nausėda on the presentation of the candidature of S. Skvernel

Insert the election slogan

Skvernel, who joined the rostrum, recalled how he became the prime minister in 2016. "Then I said very clearly that he would not be the prime minister of the parties, factions, coalitions, but the Republic of Lithuania. .) I think that I have worked honestly and honorably for the benefit of my country, "added S. Skvernel the motto of the presidential elections.

Issue of the Seimas:

VIDEO: 2019-07-18 The morning meeting of the Seimas

He asserted that the government had already achieved more than half of the work of the implementation plan of the government program, which was 780 and was satisfied 15min initiative – The government promises a meter.

According to him, the priority is to reduce social exclusion and so will continue if he has to lead the government for another year. S. Skvernel mentioned the money of the child, whose introduction was criticized by many, but, according to him, a completely proven solution.

He also praised the increase in pensions. Maybe it's not 100 euros for everyone and it's not enough, but Skvernelis suggested calculating litas: "Our old currency increased by 350 litas per year."

The prime minister also was pleased that Lithuania won the record with the capture of foreign investments and with the creation of about 1,000 jobs.

Skvernel said it was good to have a professional government, since the ministers, as he said, worked for Lithuania, not for parties.

"We did not let go and keep our eyes blind," he promised, pointing out that, at the same time, 2% of the defense is finally allocated. GDP

The prime minister was pleased with the "processes of depoliticization and clarification of state companies with Lithuanian railways, the center of registers, forests, SFEs, prisons and road maintenance."

You have recognized it badly

Although he focused on presuming and promising, Skvernel admitted in his speech that he was wrong.

"I personally had a lot of political experience in the short term, (…) I had to raise the rake that I did not realize, I had to burn where it was not necessary, but it was my lessons.

The biggest mistake was to think that we know exactly what Lithuania needs and the only objective is to achieve these changes, "said Skvernel.

The biggest mistake was knowing exactly what Lithuania needs.

The Prime Minister believed that he was wrong because of the inadequate introduction of early payments to teachers without the consensus that has now been found.

"I understand that, in some cases, strict rhetoric in politics can also be a mistake. Just as endless bells, guilty searches, sketches void with opponents. I also learned this lesson," said the prime minister, who said that It was possible to apologize to the Lithuanian people to see the ambition and political confusion.

S. Skvernelis responded to the questions of the members of the Seimas.

You can not see the reasons to change the government's program

Opposition leader Viktoria Čmilytė-Nielsen reported on the scenario that the prime minister would prefer: short when a minister only changed, in this case the Seimas did not have to approve the government program, or, When the government's program was voted, it had to be coordinated with all the factions of the Seimas.

"I see this and this opportunity," said the Prime Minister, but added that he did not see the need to change the government program.

The opposition leader also questioned whether the prime minister had regretted dismissal of education, culture and environment ministers.

Photo by Joshyd Elinsky / 15min / Saulius Skvernelis

Photo by Joshyd Elinsky / 15min / Saulius Skvernelis

"I do not regret this decision. And today, in my speech, I mentioned several areas where he lamented that what was presented today has been three years after the beginning of this government. The decisions I take are necessary […]"Said Skernern.

In response to a question from conservative Michael Majauskas on the increase in public revenue from GDP, the prime minister has identified measures to increase fiscal progress, real estate and environmental taxes.

"We will not have to push the shadow only to the extent that is necessary to fulfill our commitments," commented the politicians.

The liberal Gintaras Vaičekauskas asked for information about the search for women by Eurocommission. S. Skvernelis assured that Lithuania has at least four priority areas and added that the final nomination will be coordinated with the president and will be presented to the Seimas.

He defended the prohibition policy

Liberal liberal Aušrinė Armonaitė asked Skvernel what would change in the work of the Government to avoid errors and disappointments. The politician, when asked a question, recalled the government's initiatives in the field of politics and prohibition of the media.

Is it disappointing or not the Government? Yes, in a way it was disappointing. Somewhere I gave myself the opportunity to enjoy.

"Is it disappointing, is not the Government?" Yes, in a way it was disappointing. Somewhere gave me the opportunity to enjoy, relax, live more easily. I do not know it today, that is more […]. We can only rely on current sociological surveys […]. With regard to the policy of interdiction, I would certainly not agree with if it would be hard for me to find government solutions that were directed exclusively to the absolute, irrational, ineffective prohibition, "said Skvernel, who added that the benefits To accelerate the controls of the alcoholic were greater than the damages.

The prime minister assured that he was not in favor of the excess of restrictions.

In response to the question of conservative Gintare Skaistė about his work and government work, S. Skvernel noted that this government had no corruption scandal, and that the ministers that are now at the forefront are reputable.

The "social workers" do not see any ambiguity

Gediminas Kirkilas, the leader of the social workers of the coalition's partners, declared before the Seimas that there was no uncertainty about his ability to continue working because of the possibilities of Mrs. Skvernel.

"I do not see any ambiguity, but with a fraction of 12. The Prime Minister will meet. All questions will be asked, if there are none. I have no questions. I think the most important thing is that the plan is fulfilled. of measures that we call the program, "said the Seimas member of the Seimas journalists.

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Gediminas Kirkilas

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Gediminas Kirkilas

The vote on the approval of the nomination of the Prime Minister is scheduled for next Tuesday, next week. Now Skvernelis will answer questions from the members of the Seimas factions.

The Prime Minister, who spoke to Seimas of journalists, said he was not convinced by the decision of the MPs and that the vote could be secret.

"It might even be better to have a secret ballot. Have a real situation, understand how much support you have. Because now, in the public vote, the human attribute is seen, in the eye, look […]"The prime minister said.

Asked if, after almost three years of working in the government, he has become a politician, Skvernel said after a pause: "I'm glad I have not become a true politician in terms of these inevitable qualities in politics I hope, of course, I feel better about myself than others think. Intrigue, non-adherence, lie, I think these qualities do not correspond to me. 39; use in politics. Not all politicians, but used. "

At least four ministers can exchange

Last Friday, a government headed by Skvernel returned his term to the jury president G.Nausė. If the Seimas approves Skvernel's candidature, he will have to coordinate the composition of the new cabinet with the president. The new decree will have to be signed by the new head of state.

On Wednesday, Skvernel, temporary minister, said that there will be more of a minister in the government. His adviser is Skirmantas Malinauskas 15min He said that at least four ministers in the office could change.

Photo by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Ramboon Karbauskis

Photo by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Ramboon Karbauskis

On Thursday, campesino leader Ramūnas Karbauskis replied to his colleagues, saying that at least four government members would change, but he doubted that National Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis was replaced.

After the formation of a new coalition, the order of the Minister of National Defense was taken by the "peasants" by the "rulers" and, as announced earlier, a diplomat offered. However, President Giuseppe Nausėda expressed his assumption to the current minister, and as R.Karbauskis said, "rulers" may have another area of ​​responsibility.

If the four ministers change, the Seimas will have to vote not only on the Skvernel bid but also on the government's program, as more than half of the ministers have received their authority in 2016.

No change to the government program is foreseen.

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He had previously promised to resign

Skvernel, who had participated in the presidential elections, had promised to retire before if the elections were not successful. After the first elections, the tour policy remained in third place and failed to win the second, but decided to stay in place.

"The presidential elections are my defeat. I do not blame at all, that is, my decisions, my valuation, my actions, which resulted in a similar result. Of course, it would be nice to have it, without "external help," but that was the case.

This decision is emotional. Maybe you should not say right away, especially at night. But I felt so at that time, I felt a lot of time " The Prime Minister explained his decision on July 9.

Last week, Mr. G. Nausda, who assumed the position of president, said that women would also like to see the renewed government.

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