Monday , September 27 2021

the behavior of the US, which condemned the Soviet occupation, is a lesson for the future

He spoke in Vilnius on the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the statement by former US Secretary of State Sumner Welles.

In this 1940 declaration, the United States stated that it did not recognize the forced incorporation of the Baltic states into the Soviet Union.

“American writer Mark Twain has said that history does not repeat itself, but rhymes,” the head of Lithuanian diplomacy said at the event.

“We might ask ourselves, if today we do not hear any similar rhyme, when we have to confirm for ourselves that we do not recognize the occupations, Crimea, that we do not recognize the annexation of Belarus if it happens to an illegitimate president, who will not yield to the new dictators who have replaced the old ones and who will believe in the right of nations to self-determination, “he added.

“Therefore, this historic occasion is a very important lesson for us and for the future. Therefore, remembering the past and thanking us, let us understand that this is our commitment today and our work for those who today expect the same from us, from Lithuania, from the Baltic States “, said the Minister.

The U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania, Robert Gilchrist, stated that the Welles Declaration was “one of the most important and early political decisions in the history of our country” and that Lithuania, the first to declare the independence of the Soviet Union, will always remain a source of inspiration.

The ambassador stressed that Belarus is fighting for freedom and the state today.

“Today, everyone is watching Belarusians fight against tyranny, for which Lithuania has become a safe haven. And it is Lithuania today that calls on like-minded nations not to recognize the manipulated elections of ‘August 2020,’ said the diplomat.

“The United States has consistently supported a free, independent and democratic Belarus for three decades. And despite the terrible violence and violence that Belarusians have suffered over the past year, we do not lose hope,” Gilchrist said. .

According to him, the people of Belarus deserve more than to live in a country ruled by a repressive and illegal regime that does not shy away from the risk of independence and territorial integrity of the country by opening itself more and more to Russian support.

Vytautas Landsbergis, chairman of the Supreme Restoration-Seimas Council of Lithuania, and Emanuelis Zingeris, chairman of the Seimas interparliamentary relations group with the United States, also spoke at the event.

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