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The holiday novel may end up being sad: it warns of the danger


A holiday novel is not just a romance, sunbathing by the sea, not only sweet kisses and exciting promises. Sometimes it is an unpleasant surprise after sexual intercourse. Sexual transmission, that is, venerina, not only diseases move.

The doctor Dermatologist Algirdas Šumila advises: if you have a casual relationship, you should consult with your doctor better than living in the dark.

Cured or controlled

Sexually transmitted infections – reported by the Center for Communicable Diseases and AIDS (ULAC): it is usually found during sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral or anal). These diseases are not infected by the home route, in particular with the requirements of hygiene.

Most of these diseases include syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc. – it's healing. According to the data provided by ULAC, viral infections such as HIV, herpes, genital warts, etc. are chronic and incurable, but their course can be controlled.

The main symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

urine: genital secretions (increase in women), of variable color: yellowish to translucent green; painful or burning sensation to urinate; white plate in the foreskin, vaginal opening or mouth; eruptions in the genital area; increased lymphatic lymph nodes; scrotum pain at the bottom of the abdomen; blood after sex. How to try and treat

For the study of sexually transmitted diseases, you take a sample of urethra, vagina or cervix, sometimes from the mouth, to the exit. Some infections (such as syphilis, HIV, etc.) require blood intake, according to ULAC.

Experts recommend that you always stop the course of treatment, although the symptoms may disappear before. It is advisable to avoid having sex during an illness or treatment. It is always recommended to consult with the doctor after treatment.

An infected person with a sexually transmitted infection can infect other people from the moment of infection, even without signs of disease.

The best protection is the condom

The risk of infecting with sexually transmitted infections is reduced by the use of condoms during coitus – vaginal and oral and anal.

"Condoms and believe it to protect both illness and unwanted pregnancy. However, when contraceptive pills appeared in the world, there was a significant increase in sexually transmitted infections, since everyone goes denying the condom, the girls drank tablets and were not protected, "says Dermatologist, A. Šumila, a doctor at the Hospital Vilnius Santara Clinics Hospital.

Dermatovenerologist says he has noticed that some people with sexually transmitted diseases not only spread illnesses without using condoms, but are also infected with new infections.

"For example, if people infected with HIV drink medications every day, they think the infection is controlled, the virus in the body is small, so they can not infect another and stop using condoms." It's a mistake. Who would like to have sex with someone who says there are viruses in their body, but little? The possibility of contamination is still there, "says the doctor.

On the other hand, when communicated without protection, HIV infected can be infected by other bacteria or viruses. "How, then, help a man if he lives in an unsafe sexual life," asks Shumila, who, as a doctor, has been repeatedly interpreted by patients to protect themselves and others.

Calling or sharing condoms, according to the dermatovenerologist, does not imply the promotion of burial, as it sometimes tries to instill. Rather, it is the promotion of a safe sexual behavior.

What is a permanent sexual partner?

The most reliable way to prevent sexually transmitted infections is to refrain from having accidental sexual intercourse and have a long-term monogamous sex with a person who knows they are not infected.

But what kind of relationships could be called long-term or permanent? This question is asked sometimes by Dr. Shumila for his patients.

"Some of our regular partners call their friends after a week's relationship, others a month later, some after half a year. And this is how: people gathered, estimated a month, exchanged bacteria and viruses and divorced, spreading them. Some people do not feel this bacterium. Women are very patient, they usually go to doctors when they feel very bad. For men because of their anatomical peculiarity, the inflammation of the organs Genitalia can be more obvious, so they ask for medical advice before, "says the doctor.

But to say that those who develop sexually transmitted diseases are frivolous, according to Shumila, there is no way to give an example: "The man returned home infected, infected, and wife. Will the woman be responsible if he will embarrass him? . "

It does not manifest immediately

In case of sexually transmitted diseases, the symptoms do not always occur immediately. Occasionally, they occur after a week, a month or a longer time, and sometimes there are no signs.

For example, the incubation period of syphilis fluctuates between three weeks and three months, the period of incubation of clamid genital infection is estimated in weeks and gonorrhea reaches 2-14 days . But an infected person may feel well and not verify it. Only special investigations help identify the infection, "says Šumila.

The doctor tells us that the most common symptoms of sexually transmitted infections in men are unpleasant feelings in the urethra, testicles, lower abdomen and wounds of the foreskin. The vaginal discharge, the increase or the odor and pain in the lower abdomen can indicate to women the infection.

"Some of the first symptoms come handy, so, for example, symptoms of some diseases, such as the herpes virus, may occur and disappear, and then they appear again. If the signs are & They have gone, the man thinks that everything is fine and the test is not necessary. And maybe he is already infected with several infections. When we do research, we sometimes find more of an infection, "says the doctor .

It is the case that the patient goes to a doctor who suspects that the relationship yesterday was not safe. And the research has shown that the relationships that took place a few months ago were not safe.

The complication is infertility

One of the complications of untreated sexually transmitted infections is infertility.

"If the infection is detected too late and it is not treated in time, it can cause small recurrent pelvic inflammation to women, causing inflammation of the fallopian tubes, scars and constipation and in men to reduce the quality of sperm. This automatically worsens the conditions to get pregnant. Treatment of infertility is more expensive, longer than the treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, if you can diagnose all these diseases, it would be possible to reduce the problem of infertility, "he said. says Shumila Dermatovenerator.

The research is to keep innate syphilis out

According to the statistics, 1171 cases of syphilis were registered in Lithuania in 2000 (100 thousand inhabitants 33.46) and in 2017 – only 157 (100 thousand – 5.55).

Congenital syphilis 2000 In 2017, 13 cases were recorded – one.

Gonococcal infections in the year 2000 – 1004 (100 thousand people – 28.69), 2017 – 70 (100 thousand people – 2.47).

2018 Chlamydia was diagnosed in 257 people: 129 men and 128 women. 10 years ago, that is, 403 in 2008, including 177 men and 226 women.

The incidence of HIV infection in 2015-2017 increased from 5.4 to 9.3, respectively, to 100 thousand. population

While analyzing statistics, some sexually transmitted infections appear to be decreasing, according to Dr. Shumila, the incidence of these diseases is spreading: this is decreasing, increasing. "The wave can come back again. Therefore, it is necessary to make these diseases disappear. The goal of the World Health Organization is to make sure that there are no cases of congenital syphilis."

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