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The members of the Porsche Baltic team are preparing for 1006 km of daily races


Expectations naturally result from the results: the Porsche Baltic team also takes part in the 6-hour race in the northern part of Europe (NEZ 6H), where it occupies the first place in the GT AM after two stages.

"During the training we have observed that our clients have all the necessary qualities for professional pilots and who can achieve high scores and fight for the winning places. Everything about racing is interesting for them. After all, the races are Porsche DNA: everyone who buys this car is more or less interested in sports. Last year we achieved good results, so this year we do not want to show worse. In advance and with the hope of keeping pace at the end of the season until the end of the season, "says Robert Kupčik, the Porsche Racing Experience project leader.

Photo of Porsche / Roberts Kupčikas

Photo of Porsche / Roberts Kupčikas

The biggest challenge of 2019

The next race Aurum 1006 km is the biggest challenge for the Porsche Baltic team this season, with the next race of resistance of six hours (NEZ 6H) in the north zone of # 39; Europe, in addition to the next weekend marathon. Two of them have already been passed: they occupy 2 and 1 classes respectively.

Photo of Porsche Baltic / Martynas Žilinskas

Photo of Porsche Baltic / Martynas Žilinskas

The main difference in the races in Palanga is its duration, with an average distance of 1006 kilometers in 9 hours. The track itself is unique, formed at the intersection of the circumvallation and viaduct of Palanga in Kretinga. The lathes are driven by take-offs and descents of the elevator step, artificial deceleration zones and road straight roads that are open to all road users throughout the year, except for a weekend in July. Therefore, training on this track is only possible in the racing simulator.

"We have a strong team and each member contributes to the success of the event. The result is guaranteed by drivers, but anyone can harm them: the drivers themselves and the head of the team or Other members. We all have to work with a maximum of 9 hours of race, but all the time to make sure that we have enough spare parts to take care of other organizational aspects. There are many people on the team , more than ten, "says Kupčikas.

Photo of Porsche Baltic / Andrius Sweeping

Photo of Porsche Baltic / Andrius Sweeping

During the NEZ championship event, the team has tried many ways to control the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, coaches and other procedures, leaving only organizational problems in the last days at 1006 km.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport is the best option

The Porsche Baltic team uses the same car for the second consecutive year: the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport. Three members of the team, Ramūnas Šeduikis, Andrius Šlimas and Martynas Žilinskas, participated in the competition last year, which is why they are aware of the possibilities of each one. This year, Ieva Šlimas joined the team.

Photo of Porsche Baltic / Eve Sweep

Photo of Porsche Baltic / Eve Sweep

The Porsche Cayman of the team is the ideal car for these races: it is perfectly designed for a 50:50 weight balance between the front and rear axes. The 3.8-liter engine in the middle reaches the 400 hp and the 420 Nm, and the gearbox is a 7-degree automatic PDK. The car has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and stability control (ESP).

"Our racing car is easy to operate: it has auxiliary systems that help team pilots to obtain better results," says Kupčik.

Team members at the wheel of Porsche every day

The drivers of the Porsche Baltic team do not differ from the work of this manufacturer every day. The Porsche 911 Carrera is a very practical car that can be used to bring children to school and go shopping, "explains M. Žilinskas.

"I like mounting the 911 GT3 to the track, the 911 Carrera is perfect for the city, and the Cayenne for all other occasions. However, participating in a race with Porsche is a great hobby that combines with my direct action. We are not running every weekend, but Roberts does not allow sleep and invites you to train and maintain the shape of Kachergis or Pärnu, "says M. Žilinskas about his interests related to Porsche.

Another pilot of the Porsche Baltic R.Seduikis team remembers that he could not refuse to join the team last year. It was enough to make the decision to compete next season.

"Everyone on the street wants to race. Many young people want to become pilots and, if the adult is not able to realize this dream, the pilots. That's what happened to me. I do not have much experience of competition, so that in each course I try to accumulate experience, after all, it is the best asset of life, "considers Šeduikis.

Only this year, the team has joined I. Sweep of Porsche Cayenne, a relatively new racing driver who has left the track this year. Eve teamed up easily and strengthened it, and showed the best time back to the track.

The 20th Aurum 1006 km race will take place in Palanga from July 18 to 20. On a race day, Porsche car drivers have a unique opportunity to meet pilots, watch the tests and support the Porsche Baltic team in a specially equipped area above the service area . Those who want to enter a special space and feel closer to the race at the entrance will have to show an unusual ticket: the Porsche key.

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