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The star of British music Katie Melua observed in Lithuania: he stayed in the heart of the capital


Today, Katie Melua (July 18) will hold a special concert at the medieval castle of Trakai. In an exclusive concert, the artist will present his final album, Ultimate Collection. Fans will listen to all the great hits of singers: Nine Million Bicycles, The closest thing to Crazy, Piece By Piece, If you're a sailboat, I cried for you, The Flood, And Love To Kill You and many others. According to a press release, there is no doubt that the performance of Katie Melua in Trakai Castle will become one of the most romantic concerts of this year.

Born in Georgia, Katie Melua began her career in 2002, when no one suspected that soon a young performer would become the most famous British singer on the planet. Katie Melua's seven studio albums released today, which have been memorable for millions of auditors due to the charming songs of sincerity, were a great success.

Katie Melua was seen in Lithuania

Katie Melua was seen in Lithuania

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As soon as her career began, Katie Melua quickly became a real star, with great concert tours, winning all possible music awards, playing with the legendary rock band Queen, dancing at the Buckingham Palace with the queen , and even organizing official world records concerts at the bottom of the North Sea.

In his career, Katie Melu sold more than $ 11 million. He is one of the youngest singers and most talented composers in the world. At the concert at the Castle of Trakai next year, Katie Melua will present her collection of the best songs: the double album "Ultimate Collection".

The recently published collection includes not only the greatest hits of the artist, but also two new songs: Bridge Over Troubled Water and Diamonds Are Forever. "I hope the moment you can perform these songs in the scenario," says Katie Melun.

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