Monday , May 16 2022

The story of the alleged stolen Picasso painting was a joke


The writer, who thought he had found a picture of Pablo Picasso, stolen in the Netherlands six years ago, was released Sunday as a victim of a "public eye around a joke", according to the Dutch media.

Seven paintings by Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Claude Monet, Paul Goghina and Lucien Freud in 2012 were stolen from the Kunsthall Museum in Rotterdam during a three-minute operation of submerged crime. The Dutch media then called that crime a "century theft".

Nobody saw it anymore. Among the stolen paintings there was a canvas P. Picasso Tete d & # 39; Arlequin.

However, the Roman writer Mira Fetik, born in Romania, wrote a novel about this terrible crime, thinking to find Arlekin's head when he received an anonymous letter ten days earlier with instructions on the site where the picture was hidden in Romania.

M. Fetis tells AFP that, on the basis of the information he traveled to a single forest in the eastern part of Romania, he dug a picture wrapped in a plastic film.

The canvas was handed over to the Romanian authorities on Saturday night. Officials said that this "maybe" misses Picasso's image, estimated at around 800,000. euro

However, on Sunday evening, Mr. Fetisco informed the Dutch public service NOS that it became the "performance" of two Belgian directors working for Antwerp.

Mr Fetica said after receiving a Belgian email explaining that the previously received letter was part of the True Copi project in honor of the disgraceful Dutch artificial fictitious Geert Jan Jensen (Gert Jan Jensen). Funds flooded art collections in Europe and elsewhere, while J. G. Jansen was captured in 1994.

"Part of this performance has been covertly made in the last few months to get Picasso Tete d 'Arlequin, directed by Bart Bale and Ives Degris.

Their production company "now wants to refrain from any comments", as it intends to first talk with Fetish, the report says.

"In the coming days we will give you more details on this issue," added the Belgian.

"A hundred years of theft"

In 2012, thieves at the Rotterdam Museum attacked the night from October 15 to 16 and crashed with stunning images. These high-value works are not protected by an alarm system.

The above-mentioned paintings for the museum on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary were raised by the Triton Foundation, which was founded to take care of the collection of arts collected by Dutch investor Villemo Cordios (Villem Cordoba), who died in 2011.

Four Romanian citizens were sentenced in 2014 for theft of artwork from the Kunsthall Museum. They were also obliged to pay insurers 18 million paintings. euro

One of the suspected members of the gang, Olga Dogaru, told researchers to burn pictures in her house of furnaces in the village of Karkaliai in eastern Romania. The woman claimed to want to protect Radu's son when he failed to sell stolen masterpieces.

However, later, O. Dogar withdrew his testimony.

The researchers said earlier that the images were destroyed, thieves could not find the buyer.

The Natural History Museum of Romania analyzed the name O. The ash from the ashes collected the furnace and found traces of cloths made with at least three oils. Ernest Oberlenderis-Ternovian, director of the museum, told researchers that blue and yellow, red and green pigments were kept in the ash, which are no longer used.

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