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The twentieth anniversary of Scamp presented the film to her friends: see how the band barely looks at the names


"Over the course of these two decades, everything went wrong with the mind. Perhaps more than any of us could have expected … But the time is rapidly taking place, and they themselves have forgotten some things. It was very fun to catch in the archives and memories "they spoke to the film's performers.

Together with Scamp, a group of earth stars from the world of stars and their closest friends gathered in memories. A fun short film, accompanied by numerous ovations, night guests of Scamp flooded the power of the most anticipated problems.

The video can be seen here:


The story of the Scampa began in Germany, where on February 16, a male group – Viktoras Diavara and Vilius Alesius – met at the gymnasium. "I remember when I came for the first time, I saw two bald horns, and the third was black hair with curly hair at the time", – V.Alesius remembers the first moments of Victor about his acquaintance with Victor.

After completing their studies in Germany, the guys returned to Lithuania with the goal of popularizing "Scampa". Unfortunately, how much effort has gone, it turned out to be too little. The "Scamp" group did not care anything – until 1998, when it recorded summer work "Leto".

After recording the pieces, Viktor and Vilius traveled to the Rock am Ring Music festival in Germany. It's enough to have more money at home. Egidius Dragunas, who was in Germany, was the only person she hoped for.

"We agreed that he would lend us money, we went one night, and when we got up from Egidijus in the morning, we heard that he decided to buy a new" kedus "and could not lend money to us. Then we shot the car market , some sort of good-natured Poland drove us to the Polish border, then we "crossed", we went to a train from which we were thrown until we finally returned to Lithuania. During this trip, we could catch, catch up and stop activities groups, "men say.

Sigismund Gedvila / 15min Photo / Scamp Movie Premiere Guest

Sigismund Gedvila / 15min Photo / Scamp Movie Premiere Guest

Zigimantas Gedvila / 15min. / Justinas Jankevičius and Vilius Alesius

Zigimantas Gedvila / 15min. / Justinas Jankevičius and Vilius Alesius

Another shock was waiting for them. Erica Jennings said that the guys are actively looking for some time since the Summertime piece of Skamp became a sensation for the week and won radio stacks. This was the beginning of a long decade, astounding the way of the Scampa.

Today, the Scamp has not only rich history, award-winning shelves, dozens of hits, but also incredible popularity. Everything that currently has, perhaps the best of the best, Eric, Vilius and Victor will be at the concert of an anniversary of the band at the Siemens Arena on December 26th.

The scam is particularly grateful to the animator Grieti Vaičiulet and the operative and assistant director Jacob Staniel for the story of the formation of the group in the short film Skamp.

Presentation of the film:

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