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Vaidas Baumila spoke about the dark side of invisible Eurovision for the public: for this reason, Yuri failed

The studio had the participation of two guests – Saugirdas Vaitulionis specialist in communication and the famous Vaitsi Baumila Eurovision singer. The DELFI journals in Tel Aviv were also contacted, who commented on the moods they had. In addition, viewers could see Yuri's own interview, immediately after the news that his lions were unable to conquer the hearts of the contest fans. During a conversation, a Lithuanian spokesman said:

"One year is lucky, others fail – you never know what you need" Eurovision. "Although I knew it, I'm still happy with my successes. I went to the big stage, without voice, without hands or feet. I showed embarrassed, "he said.

After an interview with Yuri, we started a conversation with the guests about how to discuss the performance of a representative very different from Lithuania in the public sphere.

"I think that Yuri was really cool, everything was fine. He gave all his strength and did everything right, thanks to him. There is really no shame, everything is fine with them. But in common, intermittent railingIn the context, it may be a bit weak. Technically, performance could have been a bit stronger due to lack of effect. Of course not always intermittent railing determines success This is also demonstrated by the case of Salvador Sobral, when a man has just entered, he broke and took the laurels. Sometimes modesty can bring success, but this time it is not. From ten points, I think that Yuri was worth 9, and the overall picture was 6 ", Vaitulionis said with a smile.

"It was a good show, he did everything that goes from A to Z as planned. He performed the same action that the Lithuanians voted for and they sent this performance to Eurovision. It was not too much to wait. To me to understand as a performer, the representation was very good. On the scene it felt good, tried the smile blurry all viewers of Eurovision. I think he has managed to say more, "said Vaidas Baumila.

The guests at the fair thought it was hard to say how and what could be done better when everything was over and nothing changed. However, it is obvious that for Lithuanians, bedding is often not for the voices or for the song itself, but for a small budget.

In Eurovision, 500 euros will not change anything, but ten thousand euros will change a lot. Here the whole debate must be deleted. I am a little annoyed by the Eurovision organizer. Your desire to win with each smoke or light bulb … This competition has long turned into a business and not a demonstration of nationality. The organizers earn a lot of money with this. The performance of Yuri was silly. The worst in the second semifinal, on the scenic solution. Here our organizers are not guilty, there is only one budget. We can not blame the public channel for not allocating the budget. For example, the cost of a single smoke ball is 10,000. "What costs for the same national television," said Baumila.

Second Eurovision Semifinal: Lithuania - Yuri Veklenko

Second Eurovision Semifinal: Lithuania – Yuri Veklenko

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

"We do not need our theaters there and we do not need our directors. They have theirs It is often a Swedish company responsible for all led Screens of the entire directional solution that appears on the screen. Lithuanians and each delegation can send suggestions that managers may consider. The Swedes always have a great budget and it is always difficult to appear. This year, the Swedish was number 2 of Yuri, only with a big budget, "he said Eurovision a proven singer on the scene.

The partners considered that this year there was no money for Yuri's advertising. For that reason he did not organize tours in Europe, he did not keep records, he did not film the video clip of his song.

"I could have published a scandal. However, Yuri is not the one who will do these things. This year he tried to use the look and the charm of the artist. But in Eurovision there are many of them," goes say Baumila.

"We put our representatives under the deposit because they are very necessary, the comments also put pressure on them. In fact, the same LRT and the State should think about the budget that will be given to the interpreter, because here Is it like sending a fisherman without rod to fish for this fish? ", Vait Vaitulionis.

Vaidas said the performers would go to Eurovision, knowing that it is a great announcement and that after a few years there will be more concerts and performances. That is, after this project, you can earn a lot of money and make a professional leap.

You can see all the discussion about other memorable participants, I guess it will win the competition this year and the least important of the competition in the live broadcast on the top of this article.

Moments of the first semifinals:

Moments of the second semifinals:

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