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Volkswagen SUV cheaper and cheaper: City Pimple or Crossover?


Of course, we are not talking about the great Touareg and Tiguan (with its longest version of Allspace). We can only compare T-Cross with T-Roc (price from 18,500 euros) or with Hatchback Polo (starting at 15,325 euros). Because it is basically the closest thing to the slightly promoted Polo.

Classmates surprise

But, now, imagine the situation. Go to a class meeting after 20 years (here as musketeers of Dumas) with Polo. Or with T-Cross. Which car is weaker and why do you say that a gentleman is a classmate or a student? Of course, the "jeep". In addition, it would be much less complete than the Polo or even Golf at the same price (say, 20,000 euros). But after all, jeep.

I am, of course, ironic. However, this baby, the off-road buyer of this city, as predicted by the Volkswagen representatives, will be the one who can buy about 20,000 for a new purchase. Eur. Those who want something better than Opel Moka, the mythical and waiting for the upgrade of the Renault Captur or the exterior ambiguity of the Nissan Juke.

Prices: from 15 990 to 28 000 Eur

In fact, the price of the Volkswagen T-Cross starts at € 15,990. However, if you want a car with at least one automatic gearbox, a multifunctional flywheel (true, plastic, not leather), an air-conditioned seat, a Bluetooth phone connection, a blind area and an intelligent speed control function Lightly, you'll need about 21,000. Eur.

And for 28,000 you can already qualify for the highest quality R line.

Four sets of levels

For reasons of clarity, the T-Cross version of the simplest kit (even without handlebars) is called "City" (that is, the 15990 Eur). Higher, already with "horns" – Life. Even bigger: design. And the most elegant drivers are the R-Line, which is about three dozen euros.

Wider than T-Rock? You can not!

If you look at these illustrations, you can easily compare the unlike T-Cross of my already mentioned Hatchback Polo and a little larger T-Roc.

Comparison of T-Cross with Polo

Comparison of T-Cross with Polo

However, keep in mind that, because of the straight line, the small T-cross in the back is more spacious than the larger T-Roc, the roof line is inclined, like a coupé. Thus, in some aspects, less omnipresent may be even more practical.

Comparison of T-Cross with T-Roc

Comparison of T-Cross with T-Roc

Of course, if we are talking about the most popular power stations with 7-speed automatic DSG transmissions, then a 3-liter (115 HP) engine will become the best-selling T-Cross and the T-Roc offers an engine of 1 , 5 liters. Moreover, because whenever the smallest member of the family has 1.5 motors and they do not have it, it will only be obtained later. The illustration shows three cross-engine options in T.

T-Cross motors

T-Cross motors

What a sensation of a walk?

You know, I and Dacia Duster really liked the low price. That's why T-Cross is an excellent car for low-cost all-terrain vehicles.

We used puppies with 3 cylinder engines, 1 liter, 115 hp. A low dynamics, fuel consumption in mixed mode ranged between 6.5 l / 100 km. Therefore, if we talked about the choice of the city, everything was going well. Do not be afraid to approach the sidewalk, since the distance of 18 cm makes you feel secure enough. But the same height on the ground is the Renault Scenic, 17 cm. Thus, the 18 cm gap of the ground is no longer a very "off-road".

VIDEO: The smallest T-Cross of the Volkswagen SUV

Basically, knowing the habits of buyers in our region, we can predict that T-Cross will be bought for the price. Although it will be highly competitive, let's say the new Renault Captur.

The three features that I highlight

And yet. Get to know the T-Cross brothers if you are still looking for affiliate manufacturers, collecting cars of almost the same detail. This is Seat Arona and Škoda Kamiq will soon be released.

If I had to distinguish several features of the Volkswagen T-Cross (cost 21,000), I would first mention the end of the car with a massive reflector that connects the rear lights. Well, here's almost a Porsche or Saab budget. For me – very beautiful and it seems "expensive."

The second thing is a large DSG automatic gearbox. The third is a 14cm sliding rear and a fully foldable front seat.

This allows you to create a lot of space in such a small car. It is possible that the heel does not fit, but three bags of potatoes or a sailboat are free.

On the other hand, as I mentioned earlier, it is more convenient to stay behind than the T-Roc, but with the Toyota C-HR. Honda HR-V may need a bit.

What did not like me Plastic Many finished plastics. Plastic flywheel Suspension hard (although we were going 205/60 / R16 tires). And that there are no so-called "fangs of fear" on the pillars of the door, which can be kept in turns.

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