Friday , August 12 2022

"Bohemian Rhapsodi" Censored in Malaysia


by Jeff Tailor

48 minutes ago

Queen of bipoic Bohemian Rhapsody is censored in Malaysia, with mere aspects of singing by singer Freddie Mercuri.

According to Malai Mail, 24 minutes are cut from the film, which has an original time of 2 hours and 14 minutes.

The material removed includes Mercuri, played by Rami Malek, telling fiancée Marie Austin, played by Luci Bointon, that she is bisexual, as well as a scene that includes a music video for the hit "I Vant to Break Free", which features the band to roll. She also received a rating of 18, unlike the PG-13 rating she received in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Fans in the country, who still have the law of colonial protection against gay sex, reacted with disappointment and upset on Twitter.

However, the country's biggest film chain, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), claims that censorship reports have been exaggerated. In a post on Facebook, it is claimed that it was removed only three minutes from the film, and noticed that the decision was on the censorship committee, not on individual theaters.

There have been some shifts in the film about the sexuality of Merkura even in an unencensified version, with some feeling that he is too focused on his relationship with Austin, and not enough on his relationship with other men.

Despite controversy, Bohemian Rhapsody was a hit with the audience, who already earns more than $ 100 million, against a budget to produce just over $ 50 million.

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