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Dating applications use artificial intelligence to find love – Tech Nevs


Forget to go through endless profiles. Dating applications use artificial intelligence to suggest where to go to the first meeting, recommend what to say, and even find a partner that looks like your favorite personality.

Until recently smartphone dating applications – such as Tinder, which allows you to see in real time who is available and "drag" if you want to get to know someone – they left it to users to ask someone and then execute the date.

However, in order to fight the growing buzz of search through profiles in vain, the online dating sector is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help organize real-life meetings and act as a trainer for meetings. These new uses of AI – the science of computer programming for the reproduction of human processes such as thinking and decision-making – using application apps are featured on a four-day Web site ending in Lisbon on Thursday.

Online dating pioneer eHarmoni has announced that it is developing an AI-enabled feature that tells users to present the meeting personally after having spoken in an application for some time. "There are many activities in the application for giving, but there are not many dates at all," said eHarmonia CEO Grant Langston at the annual technology conference.

"The guys do not know how to ask the question, it's amazing how many people need help and we think we can do it in an automated way."

Drains the pressure

British dating app Loveflutter plans to use AI to analyze the chat among its users to determine their compatibility and suggest if they should be introduced. "We will ping the message saying," You feel well, why do not you go to your first meeting, "co-founder Loveflutter Daigo Smith said.

Loveflutter already suggests places for the first date that are equal to the homes of both people using information from Fourskare, an application that helps smartphones to find nearby restaurants, bars and clubs.

"This pressure is giving up on organizing that first date," Smith said. Tinder founder Sean Rad said that the AI ​​would "create a better user experience" and predict that the iPhone's Assistant Siri Voice will act as a teacher in the future.

Voice activated

They are called a complete voice calling application AIMM who uses AI to reflect on people's connectivity services, is already being tested in Denver with around 1,000 users. When you open the application, a calming voice raises questions about what you want to do on a date or where you would like to travel. Then you suggest an appropriate match based on your personality.

Once you select the one you want to know, the app tells you about it. After a few days, the application will help you set the time for a phone call between you and your match – and give advice on your first date based on what it knows about another person.

"She'll say things like" based on her personality affection, she's a traditional person, I'd recommend dinner and a walk, "said Kevin Teman, an app developer. The app also reminds you to ask questions" about things that matter to you "during the day, he added.

After the date, the application is checked with both people to see how it went and recommended that they should continue to see each other or continue to watch. Teman hopes to make it available across the United States early next year.

Celebrate lookalikes

Badoo, the dating application from London, now uses AI and face recognition technology to allow users to find a match that looks like anyone, including their former or famous stroller. Users can send a picture of someone and applications will find among users more than 400 million users around the world.

Real TV star Kim Kardashian, actress Emma Stone, and Beionce singer are the most popular celebrities in the world, as Badoo introduced this game – called Lookalikes – last year.

However, not all are convinced that the AI ​​can help in the search for love. Among the suspicions at the Web Summit was UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who said he was "a little skeptical" to help "people choose their souls".

"I am very happy to have chosen my own soul by traditional methods," said the former Portuguese prime minister, who was married to Lisbon City Councilor in his opening address. – AFP

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