Saturday , November 27 2021

Facebook launches the application in the TikTok – Tech Nevs competition


Product manager from Lasso the Boven Pan app published a release Lasso for iOS and Android, and TikTok competitor.

Pan describes the app as "a video application that allows you to create short, fun videos and share them with friends", for everything like video sync TikTok to submit music without music at the present nonexistent Vine.

The application has "cool tools and camera effects" to help users edit their recordings, as well as decorating the production of text or music from a massive library of songs.

Users can easily find the latest videos using Lass's tracking. The most popular video formats and challenges will be at your fingertips to emulate or just laugh.

Naturally, the application simply connects with Facebook – or any popular social media platform you like – so users can create creations in their story.

Just last week, a Vine co-founder announced the successor to the legendary application Bite, but this is not expected to be launched by next spring.

With Lasso combining all the features of both Vine (and most likely probably his successor, although very small information was discovered) and very popular TikTok app, Facebook may be stuck in the trend of video movement in the perfect time.

The app is available in iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free. – AFP Relaknes

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