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Fashion recap: 28 most elegant characters from K-Dramas 2020

2020 has been a whirlwind of surprises, whether good or bad, and most of us are probably happy to say goodbye to the year that was. But at K-dramaland, the last year has produced some of the best dramas that have made our days at home worthwhile and helped us escape captivating stories. Aside from epic pairings, heart-stopping narratives, and unforgettable moments, here’s a list of trendy characters who have left their mark on the 2020 K dramas:

Queens style

Seo Ye Ji in “It’s okay not to be okay”

Who can forget the outrageous but charming character who is Go Moon Young? With her whimsical dresses, her exquisite styles, and her dreamy high-fashion dresses, there’s nothing she can’t take off. His style is reminiscent of princesses and witches in fairy tales, as is his character who projects a fiercely guarded individual who just wants to feel loved and accepted. Her clothes out of this world serve as armor that hides her true feelings, until a special person is able to see her for what she really is. His style is a combination of classic and avant-garde and each piece makes a gesture with the past and the future.


Son Ye Jin and Seo Ji Hye’s “Crash Landing on You”

In “Crash Landing on You”, everything Yoon Seri (Son Ye Jin) chooses is profitable, which is why his company Seri’s Choice is the highest. Like her fashion choices, each look turns her head as she is able to emit elegant CEO vibes with a edgy touch. Her modern and feminine tailor dresses are unforgettable, as are her out-of-service styles that reinforce her image of a confident, self-made woman who controls. Meanwhile, Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) is a woman ahead of her time. Even as a North Korean, she doesn’t conform to traditions and struggles with what her heart tells her. His style of prints and color prints reflects this personality and his worldly and privileged life.


Timeless icons

IU to “Hotel Del Luna”

If there’s anything you can expect more than the thrilling “Hotel Del Luna” story, it’s the incredible feat of Jang Man Weol’s (UI) wardrobe change in every setting. Having lived a thousand years, this custody of the hotel represents all eras through its costumes, accessories and hairstyles, offering viewers a fairly comprehensive course on vintage style. His character is equally remarkable as he portrays his never-ending story of grief, sadness, and lessons learned from the past while living in the present.


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Hwang Jung Eum at “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”

The craftsmanship, complexity and long history of Korean hanbok makes it one of the most beautiful traditional pieces in the world. Through “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”, Weol Ju (Hwang Jung Eum) shows different variations and colors of the hook, as he directs a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinks establishment) and performs different adventures to the afterlife.

Glam Rivals

Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon and Eugene from “The Penthouse”

Whether they compete to maintain the status quo, fight for who has the best child, or simply fight each other, there is no doubt that the women of “The Penthouse” are equally dressed in their own individual styles. There is no shortage of glamor in this world of luxury, and this drama gives us a look at the lifestyles of Korea’s largest percentage of rich and famous and a glimpse into their wardrobe as well.

Kim Hee Ae and Han So Hee from “The World of the Married”

This drama is incredibly well thought out in terms of character development and stories down to the last detail of the closets of the two main ones. Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s (Kim Hee Ae) professional dresses and designer clothes reflect her image of a successful, intelligent and independent woman who earned her career and possessions on her own. And Da Kyung’s (Han So Hee) neutral, simple, pastel-colored dresses denote her youth and protected life. As the story progresses, you will see a change in its appearance and it will surely be an exciting watch.


Lee Min Ho and Jung Eun Chae from “The King: Eternal Monarch”

These two characters may be fighting for a royal position, but there is no denying that their fashion looks like royalty. Lee Geon’s (Lee Min Ho) bespoke custom dresses make her look elegant regardless of the universe, while the sophisticated Goo Seo Ryeong (Jung Eun Chae) dresses and her classy dresses add to her image of an ambitious and motivated woman who will do her best to achieve this. power.

Fashion frenzy

Park Bo Gum and Byun Woo Seok a “Record of Youth”

Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) and Won Hae Hyo (Byun Woo Seok) are childhood friends and role models in the fashion industry, so it’s no wonder their styles and careers always compare. Later, they will also compete for love. In this drama, you will see Park Bo Gum in a different light: fresh, charismatic and elegant as you walk down the track. Byun Woo Seok, on the other hand, is totally in her element while wearing different outfits due to her career as a fashion model in real life before becoming an actor. So, whether you’re passionate about Hae Hyo’s classic look or Hye Jun’s more playful and casual style, you’re sure to get your eye candy in this drama.

Kim Da Mi and Kwon Nara from “Itaewon Class”
By style and personality, Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) and Soo Ah (Nara) are totally opposite. Yi Seo is more fashionable and nervous, while Soo Ah is more traditional and classic, which is also related to his beliefs in life and business. You’ll hear shots fired when these two are in one place, as they just can’t understand each other, but deep down, they both feel the wonderful Saeroyi Park. (Park Seo Joon) – Making “Itaewon Class” a must-see for character and fashion showdowns!

Power Partners

Kim Hye Soo and Joo Ji Hoon from “Hyena”

These two elite lawyers are also elite fashionistas with their sleek, smart and perfected look, which just go well when they are together. With ingenious choruses and a clever wardrobe, this drama is definitely stylish.

Cozy couples

Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young from “I’ll go to you when the weather is nice”

This couple provides us with warmth and sweetness this winter with their cozy look in both look and style. Especially with a neutral palette of white, nude, with few notes of color, the couple’s dresses play well with the slow pace of burns, the soothing rhythms, and the serene setting of this drama.

Kim Myung Soo and Shin Ye Eun from “Meow, the Secret Boy”

This couple could also be called the most adorable. A cat that becomes a man falls in love with his caretaker and in this drama you can expect laughter, sympathy and madness. Set in fall and winter, the two cords wear cozy dresses that are perfect for hugging.

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Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung of “Dr. Romantic 2 ”

They can wear scrubs for days, but in their spare time, these two wear casual, comfortable dresses that are the right kind. Especially Cha Eun Jae (Lee Sung Kyung), one of the best surgeries in the hospital, but an elegant and stylish woman.

High fashion trends

Moon Ga Young in “Find Me in Your Memory”
Ha Jin is a rising celebrity who eventually becomes the “dream girl of the nation” for her talent, natural beauty and style. You can see her with a soft, feminine look, colorful pieces with flattering cuts and a stunning costume suitable for a star.

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Go Ara in “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”

Ra Ra is the chaebol daughter of a conglomerate who experiences difficulties when she loses her father and the privileged and enchanted life she was used to. Very frightened by her father, Ra Ra often dresses like a princess with her flying skirts, ruffle details and pastel dresses. This style fits her bubbly, kind and innocent personality that made Joon, (Lee Jae Wook), a handsome, responsible young man who fell in love with her.


Breakout style stars

Hwang Seung Eon of “XX”

Roo Mi is a fierce businesswoman who knows what she wants and gets it. Her fashion accessories and unique fashion make her a prominent character in “XX,” a web series about friendship, betrayal, and love poisoning.

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Kim Seon Ho from “Start-Up”

Who hasn’t fallen in love with “good boy” Han Ji Pyeong? His mischievous, childish look is complemented by his CEO-worthy styles and wild clapbacks. But, deep down, he’s a reliable, good-natured character who captivated “Start-Up” viewers.


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