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Football: Neville, from England, says the USA team failed to label it with the visit to the hotel


LYON, France (Reuters) – England manager Phil Neville has criticized the United States Football Federation for failing to label the label by sending officials to Lionesses of Lyon before of the semifinal of the World Cup of Women.

American team personnel visited the hotel in England, while the Neville band trained on Sunday, with reports saying they were aiming to evaluate the possible place if they defeated England and they reached the final.

"The only thing I would say is not something I want my team to do. It's not something England would do," said Neville at a press conference.

"We are happy with our hotel and we were just trained. So I hope you are enjoying your hotel, but it's not something we do, send someone to the hotel on another computer," he said.

The normal label in the soccer tournament is that the two teams remain in independent accommodation and it is very unusual for officials to enter the opposition hotel.

Neville suggested that his counterpart of the United States, Jill Ellis, would not have approved the move.

"It's his problem. I am sure that Jill would not have been happy with this agreement. It would not have been me, if this was my person who worked with the team and I'm sure that he will be in charge of his own infrastructure with its own discipline, "he said.

But at a previous press conference, when Ellis was asked if he was not "arrogant" for the United States, he was planning to move to England's accommodation with the presumption of winning the game of On Tuesday, he said it was simply prudent planning.

"You have to plan ahead. Arrogance has nothing to do with us, this is planning the preparation for our staff. I think it's pretty normal," she said.

The former Manchester United player, Neville, said the issue was mainly labeled.

"It's not an unfair advantage, it has no influence on the game. In fact, it seemed so much fun. I only thought 'what are they doing?'. It's not a label. It's not something that allows of our organization, "he said.

(Reporting by Simon Evans and Christian Radnedge in Lyon, Clare Fallon's Edition)

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