Monday , June 27 2022

Gareth Southgate is surprised by the criticism over the withdrawal of England Vaine Rooney football


Gareth Southgate defended the decision to include Vaine Rooney in England, who will meet tomorrow with the United States and said the record-breaking player deserves his gift, despite criticism that his presence is devaluing an international cap.

Rooney, who last time since 119 appearances in England in November 2016, received the name in four of 28 people on Thursday, along with Bournemouth striker Callum Wilson, who received the first call and defense counsel for Everton Michael Keane.

Southgate has confirmed that Rooney will play as a substitute for a friendly match at Vemblei, but he would not have a captain or wear his usual No 10 shirt. England's manager said he was surprised by the negative reaction to Rooney's involvement, but cited the example of Lukas Podolski, who similarly praised Germany during last year's friendly encounter with Southgate.

"It's a pity that we want it to be an appropriate gift to an extraordinary player, who was often assumed to be underestimated in terms of how much he played for England," he said.

"It's a disappointment, but, hopefully, by the time we get to the game and being with us next week, the focus will be on:" Actually, let's think about what he did and how well he played, and there's a chance to thank for that. "And then after that, we can decide whether playing with him is the right thing or was not the right thing.

"I understand the debate about this, I thought that the Podolsky situation was a great night. If I were a player and gave what these guys gave me, I would have gone out and felt the association really recognized me in the right way.

"We are a weird country in which we wanted the fact that we did not achieve as much as we want, and then we have a player who should be kept in the highest sense and spend a lot of time justifying him to give him that respect."

Rooney will not be included in the match against the nation of Croatia for a week on Sunday, and Southgate was unwavering and decided to appoint a team more than usual, which nobody missed in his plans. Mason Mount and James Maddison are not involved in the injury.

"We'll see all the players we want to watch," he said. "We have named additional names and we still have to go through the weekend in terms of the number, but there is no one else. We have to balance with less than 21 years, because they have the next summer competition and the more we move them to less enthusiasm, sometimes they move, so they the players we went to, we wanted to watch. "

Wilson, whose only previous international football came in a 20-minute performance for Southgate with less than 21 years in 2014, was awarded for the brilliant start of the season that brought the six goals of the Premier League. Keane, who made his first debut against Germany last year, was retired after impressive form, while Leicester's Harri Maguire was injured.

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