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How did the marriage of Diana and Carlos end?


The story of the disappeared marriage and divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is well known now, but in the early 1990's the couple was still trying to keep their marriage broken down together.

It was not until the 1992 real tour of South Korea that things were separated.

"They could not hide it anymore," said Victoria Arbiter, real columnist at 9Honey.

"It was obviously flagrant that they were miserable, that they could not stand up and I think the press office threw their hands and said they would make the division as easy as possible."

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Shortly after the tour, John Major announced in the house of the parliamentary representatives that the couple agreed to separate, in a surprising but expected division.

Diana had to stay home in London, when Charles retired to the country, the two began their separate lives after spending so much time trying to keep a facade of happiness.

"For the press office, they breathed a great sigh of relief because they were like doing the next and how we do it as friendly and respect as possible," Arbiter added.

But things were not going to plan.

The royal fairy tale ended, but it seemed that the division would remain calmly, until in 1994, Charles admitted being unfaithful after the breakup of the marriage.

He confessed that after he and Diana realized that his marriage was condemned, he had turned Camilla into comfort, giving rise to Diana after giving her own interview and uttering these famous words.

The couple was clearly at the point of not returning. (AAP)

"Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so I was a little crowded."

The media were wild and innumerable points of sale along with Diana, favoring the princess who apparently had been betrayed by the man who wanted to be her lovely prince.

"It was a desperately difficult time for Prince Charles," Arbiter said.

But the two people who most affected the separation were the two princes, since Harry and William had to live the disordered rupture of their parents.

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