Tuesday , July 5 2022

Jennifer Lopez cut his forehead after playing a microphone in the scenario: World


LAS VEGAS (ANN): Jennifer Lopez can now say that she gives "blood, sweat and tears" to please the public.

On Monday (July 8), the 49-year-old singer posted a YouTube video that tracked stage set up in Las Vegas last month.

He was cut to the front after having hit a microphone while choreography danced and hurt.

Although the video does not show the moment of the impact, it feels written saying with a painful voice that "I have only looked at the side at the wrong time."

"I was bleeding – (blood) lowering my face", he told the fiancée Alex Rodríguez.

But he managed to soften it saying: "You have proved why you are a champion. You were getting off and you still went up again and had the best spectacle."

She was not convinced, saying: "Why am I getting involved? How does a dance happen here or things that I will never forget?"

He responded firmly: "Nobody looks at the steps. People are watching the beautiful one that looks and how great it sounds." – The Straits Times / Asia News Network

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