Friday , August 12 2022

KZN Health in conversations with boys' parents who need treatment in their lives


A child who was admitted to the Addington hospital in Durban in September should be treated with sickle cell anemia – a disorder that breaks red blood cells and can lead to stroke without treatment.

Health officials went to court after his parents, who were faithful to Jehovah's Witnesses, said they would not continue blood transfusion on medical duties.

This is because of the Biblical command to abstain from blood. He received a blood transfusion order. However, MIK Sibongiseni Dhlomo says he still talks to his parents about how to move forward.

Dhol addressed journalists in Durban on a number of issues that faced the Department of Health in the province yesterday.

"As doctors, we shake ourselves in front of God when we finish training that no race, sex, or religion will make us keep any kind of treatment or intervention that can save a person from dying," Dhlomo said.

"We are guided by the Hippocratic Oath and we respect the Constitution. Therefore, we want to give this child a chance to live."

Dhlomo also touched on recent food poisoning in the Durban area. He said he exists There is no outbreak of salmonella in Kwazulu-Natal.

"We want to categorically say that there is no Salmonella epidemic
the landscape – just a certain restaurant hit. This question must
with poor preparation of food in a certain area, "Dhlomo said.

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