Wednesday , June 29 2022

LA Lakers signed C Tison Chandler after buying from the Sun.


LOS ANGELES – Veterans' Center Tison Chandler signed with Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday, two days after reaching a Phoenix Suns purchase deal.

Chandler will provide the needed depth of the front for Lakers, who relied on JaVale McGee and were not sufficiently attacked to guard big boys during their 4-6 start of the season. Rookie Center Moe Wagner has not yet made his debut as he slowly returns from his knee injury, and Lakers basketball chief Magic Johnson did not want to wait anymore to improve his team's needs needs.

While 36-year-old Chandler may not be the dominant defender he was in the first season, he could play regular minutes for Luke Volton coach, while Lakers tried to find a winner in his first season with LeBron James.

Lakers host in Minnesota on Wednesday night.

"Looking at our list for the first 10 games of this young season, one of the areas we talked to with Erbin and which we wanted to upgrade is internal defense and recovery," said general manager Lakers Rob Pelinka. "In Tison Chandler, we have addressed this need and much more. We are excited that Tison will bring experience to the level of the championship that will strengthen our leadership of veterans and help in the positive shaping of our young core."

Chandler was a famous NBA defender and winner for half his life. He is the latest addition to the veteran of Lakers' journalism around James including Rajon Rondo, Lens Stephenson, McGee, and Michael Beaslei, who returned to practice on Tuesday after spending a week on unpublished personal things.

Chandler joins his seventh team earlier in his 18th season in the league. He won the Dallas Championship championship in 2011, and was the NBA defender of the year in New York in 2012, before winning the All-Star Selection in 2013.

He spent last three seasons with Phoenix, and last year he had an average of 6.5 points and 9.1 rebounds per game. Chandler made more than 55 percent of his recordings in each of the previous 13 seasons, and his career .596 percent of the shooting is the third best in the history of the NBA league.

California parents, Chandler attended Dominguez High School in Compton before he passed. He was the second choice in the draft 2001 by Clippers, who immediately traded his rights in Chicago.

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