Monday , May 16 2022

Liverpool News: Alisson's discovery made by his former teammate | Football Sport


It is a look at the legendary Brazilian goalkeeper Dida, who played with the ball on the Brazilian side of Internacional.

Liverpool spent £ 66.8 million on Alison during the summer to make it the most expensive goalkeeper in the world.

That was a record that lasted several weeks after Chelsea paid Athletic Bilbao 71.6 million pounds for Kep Arrizabalag.

Alisson entered after Loris Karius fought on Anfield, making two big mistakes while Liverpool lost the Champions League Real Madrid.

The Brazilian impressed during his early career at Merzisajda, despite one mistake that led to a goal against Lester.

Liverpool is undefeated in the Premier League with a 26-year-old position on the side who only scored five league goals.

And Dida, who won two titles in the Champions League during his training with Milan, praised his compatriots.

"I like Alisson very much – I think he is a great goalkeeper," Omnisport told the World Cup winner in 2002.

"I had the opportunity to work with him at the International.

"I see his big progress in football, going to Europe, playing for the Brazilian national team.

"I hope he can be what everyone expects from him, winning many things here in Europe and establishing himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world."

Alisson knows he's under pressure on Anfield.

The lines are looking for the first title in the Premier League.

Liverpool were the most important player in Manchester City and have already held the governing champions in the 0-0 draw this season.

But the former guardian of Roma is still working to improve.

"I came here at a high price and some people expect to be perfect – it's not easy, but I'm trying," Alisson said.

"It's really early to say whether I'm pleased to play, but I'm working to be perfect, I'm working on getting better."

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