Friday , June 25 2021

Motorsport: Verstappen ordered to perform a public service for the Oakland Show

Formula One has ordered Mak Verstapen to work two days of public service for angry confrontation with Esteban Ocon Force Force after a crash that costed a Red Bull driver in Brazil on Sunday.

Verstappen led to Interlagos when he tried to transfer Ocon's feedback, who tried to regain positions, but instead contacted.

The impact sent the 21-year-old Dutch into spin and allowed five times world champion Luis Hamilton to win for Mercedes.

The Red Bull driver, whom the French called an idiot over the radio between a different vibrant language, saw on television an angry face with Oconomo after the race and giving him a pebble.

He did not hurt when he promptly asked for it.

"We're terrible for sports, are we?" He said. "It would be weird if I shook hands."

Verstappen rejected those who said he had pre-set things up, adding: "I do not care what these people are saying.

"I am the winner. In order to get rid of it and then get a stupid response from his side, I was unhappy about that," he added.

Stevards said in a statement after he urged both drivers to make the public service in the FIA's administrative direction in the next six months.

They said Verstappen had entered the weighbridge, and "after a few words, he started interrupting, pushing or hitting the Ocon force several times in his chest."

They accepted their explanation that he did not intend to initially hit Ocon, but lost his temper.

"While they are cute to Verstappen's passion, Stewards have determined that the athletes' obligation at this level is to act appropriately and as a role model for other drivers at all levels and discover that Verstappen has failed in this respect."

Stewards have already delivered Ocon 10 seconds of stopping / ghana during a collision crash – the sanction Force India Otmar Szafnauer was expected to be unhappy.

"I do not think Max left any room," he told Ski Sports, "you are allowed to not fit," he added, dismissing as "conspiracy theory" any suggestion that the long-term deal with Oxson with Mercedes part in his actions.

"He asked us" can I remove myself? " "He was not sure. We said" Go, continue. "

Ocon also said he was wearing fresher tires and ran faster and that Verstappen's behavior after the race was untidy.

"What really surprises me is the Mac's coming into the scales. The FIA ​​must prevent him from being violent, pushing me and wanting to hit me, and that's not professional," said the 22-year-old.

"I'm used to fighting with Max, he's always been the same, it's coming back a few years," he added.

Hamilton hinted that Verstappen could be more alert on the road, saying to the Dutch before the podium was celebrated.

"You had more to lose from him, and he had nothing to lose," he said.

Redbridge head Christian Horner said Ocon's campaign of "Beavers of Faith" and "was fortunate to run away with help."

"Emotions are high. I told him (Verstappen)" only to get under control in a cold circle "because he lost a victory without any guilt today," he added.

"It's very frustrating for him and the team."

(Writing by Alan Baldwin in London, editing Prith Sarkar)

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