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Netflik testing allows the platform to be controlled by eye movements – Tech Nevs


Why use your hands to choose what to watch when you can only use your eyes? The new Netflik function allows you to control the iOS application with facial expressions only.

On Netflick's Fall 2018 Hack Daiu on November 7, the company discovered and tested a mobile Netflik application that uses Apple Face ID to allow users to control the application using only eye and face movements. Without any return to finger control, Eye Nav allows you to navigate through the app, search and select titles only with your own eyes – but be prepared for pausing or closing the screen, you will have to eject the language.

This feature was built using Apple's ARKita – the one it used to bring world animosity – to increase application access. This new API form could help Netflik use for people with engine damage: Basically, "hak" sets a cursor where your eyes look and if your view retains a certain point on the screen, the technology will understand this short pause as a touch . In theory, and maybe soon in reality, you will not have to raise your finger to watch your favorite movies, but you can not avoid keeping your tongue.

These characteristics, and others tested on Hack Dai, do not always go to the final product, but the event gives developers the ability to share and try out new ideas that can actually hit the digital shelves. This year's event brought the film "Jump to Shark" Sharknado. Instead of moving through the progress bar, with the touch of one option, you will be entitled to the most exciting and graphic parts of the film.

These functions may never again see the brightness of the day, or could be the beginning of the functioning of new interfaces that Netflik will bring to their platform in the near future. With accessibility as a key focus of the company, it's likely that Eie Nav will debut in one form or another, and you may never have to watch parts Sharknado never.

– AFP Relaknes

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