Monday , September 26 2022

PlaiStation New Revenue 3Ks more than Xbox Game Pass



It seems that there is much more buzz about Xbox Game Pass than PlayStationNew with players, but revenue suggests that this latter is much more popular.

According to a new report by SuperData, a digital video game research company, video game subscription services work well, and PlaiStation New is King of Xbox Game Pass, EA Access and more.

SuperData reports that players playing in subscription services spend 45% more on games than people who do not work with such services. It does not seem to be just an assumption that some believe that these types of services do not work well for companies, but also suggest that they do not save gamers so much money. This, or the amount of casual players and their lack of costs, reduces the average amount spent from those who do not participate in such services, while those who participate are more solid consumer games.

Regardless of the case, the new report casts light on why Sony, EA, Microsoft and others go to space. And it seems to be paying the most for Sony, which is 3Ks more than its competitor: Xbox Game Pass.

(Photo: SuperData)

Now, it is worth pointing out that the disagreement between PlaiStation New and other services is partly the result of a pure amount of PS4 in the wild compared to Xbox One. Although current estimates indicate that the PS4 out-selling Xbox One is two-on-one, which means it can not fully explain the difference between the income of PlaiStation Nov and the income of Xbox Game Pass.

SuperData also reports that subscribers spend twice the amount of game content compared to non-subscribers, which may partly result from non-payment of $ 60 (or any amount) in advance.

The top three, superior subscriptions were significantly 6% of the total premium computer and revenue from the premium console for the third quarter of 2018, the number expected to grow forward.

"The game subscription market was immensely warm in 2018, as game makers sought sources of consistent and recurring revenue," said Carter Rogers, chief analyst at SuperData. "In order to increase adherence to your own subscription offerings, publishers now offer completely new titles to pay members."

The long-term nature of these services was not clear for some time, but these latest numbers seem to go nowhere.

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