Wednesday , October 27 2021

Redmi will leave MIUI and will have its own user interface


The countdown to Redmi’s existence as an independent sub-brand began in January 2019. In practice, probably no one would completely distance themselves from Xiaomi, companies maintain close ties, and sales statistics are taken together for two. brands. . But there are prerequisites to say that Redmi will have more personality traits.

The differences will be in the field of software. The renowned Digital Chat Station has stated that MIUI will offer a number of distinctive and unique features for Redmi devices. The source did not mention exactly what it is, merely mentioning that the differences will be of a visual type, i.e. there will be some changes in the area of ​​the graphical interface. Functionally, the MIUI for Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones will be identical, but the animations, icons, and other graphical interface elements should be different.

It is not reported how long we will see some changes in the firmware of Redmi smartphones. Maybe the work has just begun and it will take us a while to implement the ideas. It is possible that some kind of work has already been completed and with the arrival of MIUI 13; the visual differences will be visible, the characteristic details of the Redmi brand will appear.

Redmi K50 series

Xiaomi released the beta version of MIUI based on Android 12

Recently, Google released a stable version of Android 12. Contrary to tradition, Pixel smartphones were not the first to receive the new version of the green robot. At the forefront of those who started testing Android 12 was OnePlus with its flagship OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro; as well as Xiaomi. The latter on its Twitter and Weibo pages has officially announced the launch of the first beta version of MIUI based on Android 12.

Owners of models like Xiaomi Mi 11, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11i will be the first to try it. The Redmi K40 series smartphones were also pioneers; but only the basic model of the line was overlooked.

It is not reported how long the beta testing phase will last. The company will have to work on the bugs and fix them; and only then will you be able to release a stable version of MIUI based on Android 12. It’s worth remembering that beta versions often contain a fairly large number of bugs. You need to put it at your own risk. Users should be aware of this and, if they are not prepared for these tests; then it is better not to experiment with beta versions. Those who are willing to take the risk should show up here.

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