Wednesday , May 18 2022

RM56999 Acer Thronos has a triple monitor, adjustable seat, zero gravity mode and more



The Acer Thronos was presented to Akiata Arena, Bukit Jalil in cooperation with Majarko Kuala Lumpur, which takes place from November 16, 2018 to November 18, 2018. With only 2 units of Acer Thronos in Malaysia from now on, the entire setup costs RM56999 which is the same as the car.

There are several controls on the armrest that is connected to the adjustable seat with motorized seat adjustment that allows users to adjust the Thronos according to their taste, such as pitch, screen height, Zero Gravity mode that tilts the user to 45 degrees, and a footer for legs.




Control panel on the armrest


Acer Orion 9000 PC

The toy chair is powered by its own Acer Predator Orion 9000 that has an Intel Core i7 processor of eight generations, Nvidia GTX1080 TI in duo SLI, up to 64GB of RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD and 2TB on HDD. As far as the display is concerned, the Thronos carries 3 Predator KSB271HU which has an IPS panel display with a resolution of 2560 to 1440 pixels, a 4ms GTG response time, G-Sinc capability and refresh rate overclockable up to 165hz. To get more updates like these, stay tuned to

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