Sunday , May 9 2021

See: “Dr. 2-inch romantic co-stars Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Min Jae show off their moves for the movie Collab Dance

Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Min Jae have teamed up for a powerful collaboration.

On March 30, a Dance Dance movie starring the two actors was released on Lee Sung Kyung’s YouTube channel. In the clip, they show off their impressive movements as they dance together with Ne-Yo and Jeremih “U 2 Luv”.

Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Min Jae previously co-starred in the movie “LOVE + SLING” and the drama “Dr. Romantic 2” and although they are actors, they are both known to be skilled in music and dance. .

Watch the video below.

Look at the actors of “Dr. Romantic 2 ”:

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