Wednesday , December 8 2021

The appearance of BTS on Japanese television has freed the ranks of T-shirts


BTS have TV appeared in Japan canceled via controversial T-shirt.

Seven members of the K-pop group were scheduled to appear on TV TV Asahi's "Music Station" on Friday night, but the broadcaster released its slot after a photo of the singer Jimin wearing the top that looks to celebrate the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 viral.

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On the back of the shirt are the images of clouds of mushroom-shaped mushrooms created by the atomic bomb and the Koreans who celebrated their release from Japanese rule in August 1975 and the text repeats the words "Patriotism our history Liberation Korea (sic) ".

TV Asahi said: "We saw the news that a T-shirt worn by one of the members started anger. After asking their music company about this, we decided to postpone their appearance on November 9th."

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The BTS apologized for failing, but did not refer to controversial clothing believed to be the 23-year-old singer on August 15 last year, the date the Koreans celebrate the anniversary of the end of the Japanese occupation.

The group simply said: "We apologize for the disappointing fans who rejoiced at this." BTS will continue its efforts to connect with fans on the stage and through music. "

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Group "Fake Love / Airplane Pt 2", co are also known as Bangtan Bois, is preparing to launch a Japanese tour that will begin in Tokyo next week.

During the Second World War, atomic bombs were used for the first and only time in the war when fired at Japanese cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and immediately killed hundreds of thousands. Much more died in later years due to radiation illness.

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