Sunday , March 7 2021

The new “Apex Legends” character, Fuse, is an independent studio, he says

Apex Legends Developer Respawn Entertainment has been accused of removing the design of the game’s latest character, Fuse.

The independent study NOWAA states that Fuse, which will be presented in the next edition Apex Legends Season 8, is a knockoff of his character named Game Hunter BulletVille. The developer said so NintendoLife that the two characters “[seem] to share many similarities ”.

The study also noted comparable features between Fuse and Hunter, such as: patch, biker suit, skull belt, mechanical arm, mustache, grenade belt, gloves, necklace, vest jacket with circular symbol on the back , leg covers, red / gray color scheme and characteristic gray hair stripe.

See what Hunter looks like here:

“It simply came to our notice then Apex Legends the team liked Hunter’s style to the point of wanting to recreate it Apex Legends“However, we fear that, as a small independent game producer, whose game has not yet been released, we are called a Apex Legends, which is certainly not true “.

This was later explained by NOWAA CEO Yohami Zerpa PC player that the studio had also been in contact with EA’s independent label, EA Originals, over an editorial agreement BulletVille. By context, EA is the parent company of Respawn Entertainment and also publishes Apex Legends.

He said Zerpa NintendoLife that this link “reinforces the theory of a“ potential ”inspiration drawn from Hunter by Respawn. However, he added in an independent statement to PC player that he “[doesn’t] I necessarily think there is a connection between EA Originals and the people of Respawn, but suffice it to say that EA is aware of us at least ”.

Both publications point out that EA has not yet made official comments on the situation. It is also currently unclear whether NOWAA plans to take legal action for the alleged eliminatory character.

In other Respawn Entertainment news, the developer may be working on a new game, according to an already deleted to-do list. Respawn claimed he was looking for a “generalist software engineer” to join his “new IP incubation team.” However, details about the project are still scarce, apart from a reference to “practical new technologies that allow you to” venture forever “.

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