Thursday , May 19 2022

The Premier League has decided to use VAR from next season


Most of the football tournaments today use the VAR system. (AFP pic)

LONDON: The Premier League will use the video assistant of the judges next season, after the clubs "agreed in principle" on Thursday.

During the meeting, attended by key members of all 20 clubs in the Premier League, the officers were presented with an update on neuronal VAR trials.

They were also given "key skills" from the use of VAR in FA Cup and Carabao Cup this season.

VAR was used at the World Championship in Russia in 2018, where VAR officials checked 335 incidents and is already underway in some other European leagues.

The formal request from the Premier League will now be made by the Committee for International Football Associations and FIFA, the world governing body.

A Premier League statement said the testing program will continue until the end of the season, "with a continuous emphasis on those afternoon Saturday that have several games that play simultaneously."

As VAR decisions will be passed on to fans in the stadium, they will be addressed, with the creation of a "clear protocol" to be established.

Former Prime Minister Mark Halsey praised the decision, saying BBC Radio Five Live: "I think it's a good thing. I know that many people are against it, but now we have to accept and advance."

"This season we saw a number of incidents that were called wrong, especially this weekend, when there were more goals off when they should not be."

"I think that as long as we get training and education right, and we have the right staff, that's the most important thing for me."

"The judges will still want to come out and get the key decisions, it's very important that the judges do not hide behind the VAR, they will still make those big calls."

In April, Premier League clubs voted against the introduction of the VAR for the 2018-19 season.

However, there have been growing calls from VAR's managers and players to get introduced into English top-flight for several years.

On Saturday, Southampton forward Charlie Austin called VAR after being denied an offside goal against Watford, a decision he called "a joke."

Also last weekend, Slavisa Jokanovic, dismissed as coach of Fulama, was furious after Aleksandar Mitrovic was denied a goal because of a controversial offensive decision, and Liverpool is headed to the other end to take the lead.

VAR is used to check targets, punishments – award-winning and non-direct red cards, and cases of erroneous identity when a player is wrongly booked or sent.

The judge has information that has been initiated by the VAR team through the handset.

For some incidents, he can view images on a television monitor's monitor before deciding whether to change his initial call.

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