Saturday , October 1 2022

The suspension of the Native Certificate is too long, the association says


KOTA KINABALU: An association representing Sabahans of mixed Chinese and KDM origin has offered to assist the state in creating a visa-free system for issuing related certificates that would allow the abolition of the suspension of 35 years.

Jerry Goh.

Sabah Sino Kadazan Dusun Murut, Jeremy Goh, head of the Sabah Sino Kadazan information center, told FMT that he was shaken by the recall of Deputy Prime Minister Madius Tangau's Deputy Minister for maintaining freezing in a statement he made last Thursday.

Tangau, the president of Upko, responded to a statement by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Prime Minister Lima Wui Keong that the freezing will be discussed. He said he was opposed to any move to raise freezing until a "secure system and procedures" were established, so abuse would not have occurred.

Goh said his association is ready to assist Tangau if he was really serious about finding "this unusual security system".

He said that members of the Cinema Sino-KDM community, which account for about a quarter of a million, understood the problem "better than anyone else" because they suffered a lot after the Berjaia government ceased to issue a certificate in 1982.

"The problem is very easy to solve, and the state government claims to be afraid of abuse, forgetting Sabah has laws," he added.

According to a special provision granted by the late Tunka Abdul Rahman when he was prime minister, a person who identifies with the Sino-KDN community can claim matrimonial status if he is a descendant of one parent and lives as a member of the community.

National certificates allow their owners to enjoy the right Sabah Bumiputera. The government of Berjaia stopped issuing them after it found that unauthorized persons cheated to acquire them for the acquisition of their home country and other benefits of Bumiputera.

"When the issuance of birth certificates has been suspended," Goh said, "many thought it was only temporary. But more than 35 years later, the state government continues to use the same excuse for refusing to abolish the suspension, or corruption or abuse of the certificate.

"We initially agreed because we understood the reason for the suspension, but how can a government be so ineffective that it can not find an effective solution to the problem?"

He said that freezing brought nothing but an accident to his community, because many denied the right to inherit the country, attended higher institutes of learning, or secured government jobs because of their Chinese surnames.

There were several cases of inadvertence found in possession of valuable documents, sometimes fake.

Three years ago, the Malaysian Commission for the Fight Against Corruption (MACC) seized 2,000 hectares of genus on the eastern Sabah coast, bought by non-loading workers using forged domestic certificates. Also the frozen account of Amanah Saham Bumiputera worth 10 million RM.

In 2016, the director of the outgoing Sabah MACC, Hishammuddin Hashim, proposed that all natural certificates be revoked and that a new one with better security features be reissued. The appropriate authorities did not respond.

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