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Umbilical Cord Jevelri is obviously something, and it's surprising Chic


So you've got your own labia jewelryWhere are you going from there? Well, if you recently gave birth (or plan in the near future), a recent trend suggests that you might want to look at jewelery in the umbilical cord, since New York Post prijavili Last week. Yes really.

Umbilical cord jewelry is exactly what it sounds like and there are more jewelry designers who provide this service.

Ruth Avra, 39, a classically-trained metal and gem, tells SELF that she started making jewelry in 2012 after her son's birth.

Friend Avra ​​gave her a tape in 2011, and "she asked me to do something, but I had no idea what to do," says Avra, and she just kept her on. Then, when her son was born, she looked at his hive next to the one the friend gave her and "he immediately knows what I need to do." They especially struck differences between them, she said, asking her to think beyond metal training and turn creatively into jewelry. "These are really organic pieces – none of them are anywhere near," she says.

After he entered the necklace for himself and one for his friend, "I suddenly made them all for my friends," she says. She now Sell ​​them online and has since expanded its assortment of jewelry from baby teeth, baby first haircuts, hospital bracelets and cremated ashes.

Nianna Rodriguez, 28, had a similar idea five years ago. "Somehow I wanted to do something for myself after I had my first daughter," she says to SELF. And after a trial and error, Rodriguez says she finally found the technique she was working on. From there, she strengthened her skills and started Sell ​​them online along with other "jewelry" inclusions and homemade soap made of breast milk. "My mom is actually doing soap, coldly processing an old-fashioned way," she says.

Jewelry can not be for everyone –and that's fine!– But it can be an incredibly special piece for others.

"For the reason that I have a son and my daughter, the reason I made this, it is a literary relationship between mother and child," explains Avra. "It's how your baby gets food, as your baby grows – it's a literal and figurative relationship between mother and child. And when it falls, the physical connection is gone."

An ass is something that many parents hear without knowing what to do with it, she says. And before he let her sit in a baby book on the shelf for decades or in a box somewhere, why not turn it into something more interesting?

Similarly, Rodriguez says her project came out of her desire that "the servant looks like a memory of that season of children's lives and barely has time to shower." Many of her clients simply want to respect their baby or their pregnancy, she says. And for those who have had severe pregnancy or whose babies are stillborn, jewelry can be a particularly significant symbol.

If you are interested in making jewelry from your child's sparkling dog, you really do not have to do anything special except to keep it in a safe place.

During pregnancy, umbilical cord is the way to supply your child with nutrients and oxygen. But when your baby is born, you do not need them anymore, so set it up and down, leaving a little stumps behind you.

After delivery, it is important to cleanse and take care of the cord trap according to your pediatrician's or pediatrician's instructions while still bound, says Marie Jane Minkin, MD, general at the Iale-Nev Haven Hospital, SELF says. This usually means maintaining the area dry and clean, which can be easier with sponges, Clinic Maio says. In the end, the hive usually falls from one to three weeks after delivery. Although it is best to let yourself go when it is ready, you can help her expose it to the air to dry.

But, from there, you really just have to hold it if you want to turn someone into jewelry. Avra and Rodriguez say they are impressed how long puppets remain usable. Rodriguez says she used the one she was 17 years old, and Avra ​​says she's been using them for 20 years. Therefore, the birth of your child does not have to be the latest for you to get your unique task.


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