Vanellope von Schweetz (nicknamed Sarah Silverman) enters Cinderella, Witty, Moana, Ariel and many more in Disney's "Ralph Breaks the Internet".

Sarah Silverman takes her job as Princess Disney quite seriously.

"You know, I'm trying not to be (jerk)," the actress laughs, who resumes the role of "Ruka-Ralph" in the animated sequel "Ralph breaks the Internet" (in the farmsteads on Wednesday).

Vanellope von Schweetz travels from the arcade to the Worl Video Web site with Ralph's best friend (expressed by John C. Reilly) who wants a replacement for the game "Sugar Rush", a colorful candy-covered land where it was discovered that the princess at the end of 2012. of the original "Vreck-It Ralph". This time, she is in the full color of the second cartoon kingdom, from Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) from Frozen to Mandi Moore and Moane (Auli & Cravalho).

But fun little "What if?" They met in a cyberspace written by writers / directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston turned into much more. Vanellope surrenders her costumes, of which they are dressed in costumes, in order to get a little out of the sweatshirts and sweats in the process of finding their own way to self-service, while filmmakers also learned a lesson in racial representation.

"To make this little tortured child with a reachable belt in comfortable clothes, or that the Disney princess is progressing," Silverman said of her Vanellope. "No matter how princess and grandma are all great and incredible, you will see how Disney's somehow grown and changed and became more inclusive and more reflects our world. That is why they are not a relic or a date because they always evolve."


Ralph (who expressed John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) are researching the World Vide Web in "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Vreck-It Ralph 2."

When the filmmakers realized that the princess should be Vanellope's catalyst to discover his true fate and strength, he thought with a melody written by Disney writer Alan Menken, "then it got much deeper," Moore says. "It was not just a funny scene about Vanellope who pulled air from some princesses and saw that they had their little flaws. They became instrumental in Vanellope, realizing that she and the princess, even her substance is important."

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Vanellope's excerpts featuring classical icons such as Snow White and Cinderella were a hit on social media when the trailer debuted last summer, although fans complained that Princess Tian, ​​the heroine of "Princesses and Frogs", glittered her skin and nose slimmed for "Ralph . "

Johnston says he and Rich Moore were "currently engaged" in finalizing the final film. "We watched that and we looked like:" Yes, this must be better. We can do better. "They brought one of Tiana's first animators and enlisted the help of actress Anika Noni Rose, who spoke the first black princess in the studio, as well as the Color of Change advocacy group, to make sure they did personal justice.

The decision to return Tijana to the "up-to-date black princess with full lips, dark skin and dark hair" was the victory of the members of Color of Change, black children and their parents and black audiences wishing to see the different shades, shapes and sizes of black characters accurately presented in art, "Brandi Collins-Decker, senior director of the campaign at Color of Change, told the US prosecutor in a statement in September.

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"I like it to take it," says Silverman. "You need to hear every voice and especially the cultural one, it was a really important moment. All these moments of change and growth, not only in (Disney's) stories, but behind the scenes in their own industry, are positive as they learn, listen and take new information and allow it to change. "

Cain Higins (Aurora), Jennifer Hale, Jodi Benson (Ariel), Mandi Moore (Rapunzel), Sarah Silverman (Vanellope), Ming-Na Ven (Mulan), Paige O'Hara (Belle) Linda Larkin (Jasmine), Auli & Cravalho (Moana) and Pamela Ribon (Snov Vhite) at the premiere of "Ralph Breaks the Internet". (Photo: JESSE GRANT / GETTI PICTURES FOR DISNEY)

Reilly admits that when "Ralph breaks the Internet" began to connect, culture did not emphasize the voices of women as it is now. However, when Vanellope hangs with princesses, the film has some great "female features" in a film that appears to be a male story on the surface.

"We give this version to girls in the Disney movie, a company that, for the better or worse, has created a lot of these stereotypes over the years through the thing of a princess," says Reilly. "It's a moment of counting for Disney and it's a moment of computing for the world, and I am very excited to see girls see the movie. Sarina is a really empowered woman, and the fact that she's talking about telling her the truth about drawing Disney is pretty amazing."


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