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Analysis for the Mate 20 Pro: Cameras and Performance


Mate 20 Pro

Mate 20 Pro brings a few aces into the sleeve, which has given us several surprises that surpass superior performance, very fast camera and superb finishing.

To find out our opinion about it design, multimedia, added value, etc. see the first part of this review:

Analysis for Mate 20 Pro: Best Smartphone of the Year?


Huavei Mate 20 Pro data sheet

SCREEN AMOLED 6.3 inch 19.5: 9 with a resolution of 1,440 to 3,120 pixels (539 ppi)
PROCESSOR Kirin 980 7 nanometers
2 k Cortek A76 2.6 GHz + 2 k Cortek A76 1.92 GHz + 4 k Cortek A55 1.8 GHz
GPU Mali-G76
INTERNAL STORAGE 128 GB (expandable with NM card)
REAR CAMERA Optics Leica Vario-Summiluk
Main camera (angle): 40 megapixel RGB sensor and aperture f / 1.8
Wide-angle camera: 20-megapixel sensor and aperture f / 2.2
Telephoto camera: 8 megapixel sensor and aperture f / 2.4
FRONT CHAMBER Optics Leica Vario-Summiluk
24-megapixel sensor with aperture f / 2.0
BATTERY 4,200 mAh, with fast charge,
Wireless charging and back-up support for wireless charging
CONNECTIVITY LTE Cat21, Vifi ac, NFC. BT 5.0, USB type-C and desktop mod
SOFTVARE Android 9 + EMUI 9.0
THE SECOND IP68, fingerprint reader on the screen, 3D Face ID
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 157.8 k 72.3 k 8.6 mm, 190 grams
THE PRICE $ 20,999 Mexican peso

For months, we have stopped betting on a comparison of known benchmarks, software programs that evaluate the performance of the device. After more than 23 years of reviewing all types of mobile phones, we are sure that the most important user experience. I en Case Mate 20 Pro with Kirin 980 processor, with dual NPU and 6 GB in RAM; We are sure to provide you with impeccable performance regardless of the kind of usage you have given.

This Huawei Flagship smartphone has integrated the latest version of the Huawei's eight-year processor, the Kirin 980 (2 k Cortek-A76 2.6 GHz + 2 k Cortek-A76 1.92 GHz + 4 k Cortek-A55 1.8 GHz). It features a dual NPU (a neuron processing unit for its translation of acronyms in English) that the manufacturer provides will positively and visibly affect the overall performance of the device.

After several weeks of use, we submitted it to very hard working days with a very constant use of social networks, video games with multiplier mode, Livestreaming, and so on; all in one day. We made the device a little and did not close any application, just to see if when running in the background many applications that Mate 20 Pro were doing the same as when the device was turned on. And the answer is yes.

Social networking applications are the most demanding. The split screen with both Facebook and Twitter MAte 20 did not even have the slightest delay.

The same thing happened with the latest generation of multiplayer online games. We played several types of shooting games, and even we tried to demand a game There are no limits which is racing and demanding pre-loaded animations. Without Borders This requires an optimal response speed so that the game is played on the whole (Come on, then, it's a racing car game). After a good time playing in an uninterrupted manner, we did not notice any kind of "Laga" that prevented proper playing; even when we switched to that game using the Instagram application.

With online multiplier games that require the best response speed, the Mate 20 Pro is optimally implemented.

The phone offers excellent performance. It's ideal for those whose smartphone is your associate (probably because it's called Mate, the "companion", for translation in English). Where the good performance of the team is vital in your day to day.

For example, after the path in the Cabifi application, while editing a video in another application, you have to send it immediately via the Skipe; Good smartphone performance is critical. In this case, the team gave us optimal performance every time we expanded the use of applications. Even when moving from one application to another, there was a delay.

With many applications open, even the most demanding, we did not notice a significant delay when switching from one application to another.

In short:

In terms of experience, the performance of the Mate 20 Pro is virtually unbeatable. We put a hand on fire for the team and its performance, which is ideal for users who use the most demanding applications, regardless of whether they are productivity apps, social networks or entertainment.

Note the progress of Kirin processor AI, as well as its dual NPUs that have greatly improved the performance and performance of the battery.


It is undeniable that Huawei is a more massive trend in the use of a triple camera in smartphones. Mate 20 Pro (like the P20 Pro) has the same triple camera system that can not be praised by the manufacturer. Triad camera is extremely exceptional.

Main camera specifications.

40 MP (color) + 20 MP (color) + 8 MP (color), aperture f / 1.8 + f2.2 + f2.4, supports autofocus (focus depth, phase focus, precise access)

Front camera:

24 MP (color), aperture diaphragm f / 2.0

Mate 20 Pro has a very wide variety of imaging and in some cases offers photographic modes that are undoubtedly exceptional.

Let's start with the tools that have already been used by Huvei.

Opening: The famous effect bokeh with background from focus.
Night: Best night shot of the moment (we know).
Portrait: Famous Beauti mode that reduces facial features, as well as some filters in the front camera.
Photo: Here we can use HDR mode and motion pictures.
Video: Added with filters and a beauty mode that are also active for video.
Professional: where we can make any kind of adjustment that comes to mind.

Other highlights: Slow motion, panoramic, monochrome, AR lens with 3D Kmojis, 3D panoramic, underwater, etc.

Like Nova, 3D Kmojis make your appearance so you can create short shots.

The HiVision function allows you to scan KR codes, translate texts recorded with the camera, identify objects, and browse the Internet to purchase an object that is similar to that captured or, if necessary, look for similar images.

Aperture mode lets you capture background images from the focus. In the case of the Mate 20 Pro, it better collects the object and "trims" it correctly.

This photo is practically unbeatable: color, white balance, light sky, color; all with excellent quality.

To the left: a normal shot. To the right: Using Vide mode, which is nothing but a wide angle that captures more space in the picture.

After the extensive list of Mate 20 Pro, we leave at the end two most unfavorable: the Supermacro feature that allows you to capture objects to the smallest distance to capture very small details. It should be noted that this feature has very few Premium equipment.

This image has sharpness and great color.

With Supermacro mode, you can record details that a smartphone usually can not work without extra external lenses.

We also highlight the Telefoto feature that allows you to zoom up to 10k. This is not uncommon for premium smartphones, but in the case of the Mate 20 Pro it is without a doubt the best telephoto (zoom) on the smartphone at this time, and then only the P20 Pro from the same manufacturer.

At the center of the picture, you can hardly distinguish the source of "Diana the Huntress".

With an increase of 10k it looks like we are a few yards from the source. A smartphone is a clip that is hard to believe that it is possible to capture so much detail at such a distance.

In short:

The cameras of this smartphone are undoubtedly the most complete of all the smartphones that were launched this year in 2018. From Telefoto, Supermacro, Artificial Intelligence with Night Scene, Night Mode, Aperture, Wide Angle, Digital Monochrome, Watermarks, Just mention some; Mate 20 Pro is a real Swiss military knife with very useful functions. And, as if this is not enough, each of the functions works quite well. She does not disappoint.

If we had to pick the best smartphone with the best cameras from 2018, that's exactly what it would be.

Recommendation PC Vorld Mexico

For most consumers it is not easy to pay US $ 21,000 for smartphones. However, if you have the option to buy a phone at this price, Mate 20 Pro is currently the best option. With all functions, the equipment has more than a fair cost.

To mention one thing, his closest competitors are Note 9 with a price of at least $ 25,000. It has only 2 main cameras and a battery less than 4000 mAh.

The LG V35 has a Mexican cost of $ 22,000, although it has 3 main cameras, and has a much smaller battery (3300 mAh). And none of them (we do not know) have a battery charging as fast as Huawei.

So, we are comparing, we repeat that for us Mate 20 Pro is the best option in this 2018.

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