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Ash Cap Pikachu is available for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


If you want to have almost all versions of Ash Cap Pikachu for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, you have the option to do it before December.

Last year, Pokemon Company i Game Freak They have created an event known as Ash Cap Pikachu (or Ash Hat Pikachu) for Pokemon Sun & Moon. Through this we can get a special version of this pocket monster, which came with one of these lids Ash Ketchum used during the franchise anime. It was a nice way to promote the movie Pokemon – I chose you! Well, now this campaign is back.

Only on this occasion will apply Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. It will be used precisely because of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of this series. However, on this occasion there are some differences in relation to the previous initiative. Instead of being seven Ash Cap Pikachu what we can get, only 5 will be available. Who knows what that is about.

Ash Cap Pikachu is available for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Those who are not able to get it are they Kanto i Johto. But it is possible to have those from the region Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos i Alola. In addition, the codes work not only for Japan, but also for America and Europe. Each of these versions has different movements and something is worth knowing. The complete list is as follows:

Sinnoh kap – LETSGOPIKACHU09.
Kalos kap – LETS17GOPIKACHU.

Obviously this time it is possible to have everything and we are not forced to select only one. They have until November 30 to buy them Ash Cap Pikachu For Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. What is the procedure for this? Then turn on our N3DS with a copy of the game and select an option Secret gift from the main menu. Then we will choose Receive a gift and after Get code / password.

Then we accept it, and let's repeat it to connect to the Internet. Then we select one of the above codes and we get our beloved electric squirrel over the person handling shipment in Pokemon Center. We repeat the process to get other pocket monsters, and in the end we save our game. This is essential and must never be forgotten.

If you want more details on how to get Ash Cap Pikachu in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, visit the official website.

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