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At the Dental Clinic, these are the main reasons why you can lose your teeth in adults


The Mexican Dental Association (ADM) each year carries out various studies in order to know the behavior of the population in relation to their dental care, 2017 80% of adult Mexicans held only 10 out of 32 average teeth. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) 126 thousand cases of caries and periodontal diseases due to poor oral hygiene in Mexico. This indicator is serious when it is insured 60% of Mexicans lose their teeth because they do not wash at least once a day.

In the child's stage, it's natural for teeth to move, this happens between 5 and 12 years, there are about 20 dental parts that will fall from leaving new ones, there may be deviations due to genetics or other reasons. "Lower teeth, who were probably the first to appear, are also usually the first to fall," says Dr. Rosa Ma. Moctezuma, Director of La Clinica Dental Satellite, a graduate of Otontology Career from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

In A dental clinic has been noticed that one of the most common causes for which a tooth falls into adulthood is an accident or a severe blow that starts in whole or in part. There are other reasons that have been discovered in the Dental Clinic, you have to do with problems in your mouth, especially with diseases that relieve your teeth and can make your teeth disappear, such as:

Pyrolysis: consists of a combination of gingivitis, which absorbs and weakens gum, periodontitis, which destroys bone tissue around the teeth, which is caused by relaxation. It is an infection that if he is cured in time does not have to have a deadly effect, but this can otherwise lead to tooth loss.

Spine: when not treated in time and in the right way, they can also lead to a root infection that will weaken the tooth To the point that the best solution to avoid problems in other parts is to get it out, even if it can fall on its own.

Bruxism: yes pain that occurs when the teeth unconsciously squeeze due to the force applied to the teeth weakens and sometimes breaks, It can also lead to tooth loss, although the most common thing is not to completely lose, but the area that establishes contact with the other part of the fork.

In fewer cases there is a register of patients with diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, with particularly weakened tires, which can lead to tooth loss. Menopause or pregnancy are the phases through which the woman passes, in which the hormonal change that her body represents is important, it is important to monitor the condition in the mouth.

In the case of. It is very important to have periodic examinations of the tooth that they allow Men are also hormonal changes that can affect dental health, excessive alcohol consumption, or smoking are factors that have been seen to affect your teeth to detect any disease or anomaly in the mouth in a timely manner and treat it in time, before it gets worse, arrives to the stage in which your teeth are lost. In La Clinica Dental, they care about the well-being of patients and we decided to use preventive rather than corrective counseling and treatment in order to reduce costs up to 80% and tooth loss.[i]

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[i] Dental Clinic

The Mexican community has focused on creating a different experience for helping a dentist. Three years after entering the market with her first clinic, she currently has 6 clinics in various parts of Mexico City. It is formed by a group of dentists specializing in corrective and aesthetic treatments, concerned about the welfare and health of Mexican society, offering alternatives with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees the quality of its services.

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