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Axes of the National Plan of Peace and Security 2018-2024

The next government, which will lead Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, announced constitutional reforms to determine the nature, scope and powers of the National Guard, in order to facilitate its action in the context National Plan for Peace and Security 2018-2024.

The plan is based on axes with the objectives of reviewing national security and reorienting the role Armed forcescreate a National Guard and establish regional coordination.

The approach is to advance the perspective of respect for freedom and human rights.

8 points are:

  • Eliminating corruption and restarting the judiciary
  • Give back the fight against drugs
  • Guarantee of employment, education, health and well-being
  • Take peace building
  • Full respect for and promotion of human rights
  • Recovery and bringing
  • Ethical Renewal of the Society
  • Public Security Plan

According to the statement, violence, murder and crime in Mexico have reached a historical level and the country is among the most disadvantaged in the world.

"Poverty, marginalization and the lack of education and health services are at the heart of this criminal boom that Mexico faces," he said.

"It is necessary to abandon the authoritarian vision and the use of force as a strategy."

In addition, it is necessary to expand the sovereignty of individuals and collectivities.

It is necessary, he continues, to formulate new paradigms of national, internal and public security, prevention of crime, prosecution and justice, restoration of the rule of law and reintegration of perpetrators.

Measures and the power of criminal groups in Mexico can be understood only through corruption and networks of institutional complicity, he emphasizes.

1. – The eradication of corruption and the re-launch of the judiciary

One of the basic conditions for coping with insecurity and violence is the eradication of corruption, which will significantly reduce crime rates.

We must classify corruption as a serious crime. Establish the obligatory nature of parental, fiscal and interest declarations of all civil servants; to eliminate jurisdiction; eradicate tax havens; Monitors online and real-time money for acquisitions; and perform mandatory market price checks before any acquisition. We need to weaken or crash the finances of organized crime and reduce money laundering.

2. Guaranteeing employment, education, health and well-being

Reducing poverty, marginalization and family and social disintegration will provide a permanent basis for reducing the commission of crimes of all kinds. In addition to sectoral development and social protection programs, the government will strengthen the social sector of the economy and increase its access to energy and telecommunications.

3. – Full respect and promotion of human rights

Violation of human rights is increasing and prolonging impunity. Non-compliance with the recommendations of national and state human rights commissions as a crime, with defined sanctions.

Build a culture of human rights both in official study plans and in advertising instruments of various instances of government.

Repression will be eradicated and no one will be tortured, missing or killed by the state security corps.

The new government will not allow illegal work to be done by the authorities and investigate any allegations of human rights violations.

The remedies will, through available legal means, promote the release of those who, without violent acts, were imprisoned for political reasons, as well as the extradition of charges and criminal cases caused by the participation of the accused in acts of legal resistance and peaceful

4. Ethical Renewal of the Society

Poverty, marginalization, regular denial of basic rights and the lack of implementation horizons resulting from the suppression of mobility mechanisms have caused social discontent that is part of the crisis of value and coexistence. This discontent and this crisis are, however, one of the components of the outbreak of violence and crime.

MORAL REGENERATION is at the same time the means and purpose of the Fourth Transformation. The proposed Moral Constitution does not intend to impose behavior or values ​​on anyone but to offer guidelines for the coexistence between individuals and duties towards the community.

ETHICAL REGENERATION will be the appropriate intention of strict, honest, transparent, inclusive, respect for free freedoms, respect for the law and sensitive to the needs of the poorest. Ethical renewal will result in a dominant option for peaceful methods and a priority trust in the good behavior of most people.

5. – Reform fight 5 on drugs

Current prohibitions are so discretionary and arbitrary that they are related to cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine and lysergic acid, but do not affect the production and sale of alcohol, tobacco, beverages containing taurine and caffeine. on the free consumption of certain antidepressants and sleeping pills.

This ban is ineffective from the point of view of public health and encourages drug trafficking to favor a higher profit margin and profitability for the production, distribution and sale of illicit drugs.

The "war on drugs" has escalated the issue of public health, such as the consumption of illicit substances, until it becomes a matter of public security.
Drug trafficking is a transnational basis in which our country is a producer of marijuana, poppy and methamphetamine, as well as transit territory and transportation of South American cocaine.

The idea of ​​lifting the ban on currently illegal drugs has inevitable international implications because Mexico is neighbors of the United States, the world's largest drug market, with 27 million users and tens of thousands of deaths annually due to poisoning and overdose.

The only real action to reduce the level of drug consumption is to redirect, at negotiating and bilateral level, the resources currently presumed to fight against their transfer and apply them to programs – massive but personalized – for re-entry and detoxification.

6. Start building peace

The police and the war strategy caused a very serious human and social tragedy: more than 200,000 people were killed and more than 37,000 were missing. Mexico has become a victim country.

In the National Consultation and Listening Forums for Peace Building and National Reconciliation, it was clear that justice was not done to most of the dead, injured, tortured, absent and displaced, and that the crimes were left unpunished.

Building peace and reconciliation will be sought on the basis of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-interruption of the crimes committed.
Regulating illicit narcotics can have an impact on reducing dependence, a significant reduction in the profit margin and the social basis for drug trafficking and, therefore, in the visible alleviation of violence.

It is necessary to undertake the process of directing and adopt models of transitional justice that guarantee the rights of victims, that is, special laws that will end armed conflicts and enable the disarmament and surrender of perpetrators; For this, their rights must be guaranteed, they must be offered a reduction in penalties, and even amnesties conditioned on the approval of victims – whether they are individuals or collectives – and suggest a change of life.

It is necessary to start the process of disarmament, demobilization and social reintegration with clear conditions:

· Full cooperation with justice

· An unmistakable manifestation of repentance

· Reparation of damage; · Forgiveness provided by the victims

7. Recovery and elevation of 7 prisons

The country's criminal system faces serious distortions. It is necessary to restore control over delinquency punishments and to separate the accused from prisoners, to ensure that prison is not a double sentence for women, to increase the housing, health and conditions of keeping prisoners and guarantee the general respect for their human rights.

8.- Public Security Plan

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