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Barça offer Messi four galactic signals to scare Florentino Pérez, Zidane and his new Real Madrid


April 13, 2019
(11:11 CET)

60 million euros, OK. But more, no joke. This is what is commented on FC Barcelona about the signing of Luka Jovic.

Weeks ago that Josep Maria Bartomeu, Eric Abidal and company go after the services of the Serbian forward of the Frankfurt's Enitracht. The ariet is one of the revelations of Europe and in dog Boat they see it as a perfect addition to the attack. I could assume responsibilities while substituting Luis Suárez in the last years of the Uruguayan for the future to be the undisputed striker.

However, in recent days, other grains of Europe They have added to the tender. Real Madrid i Bayern Munich They are willing to put some good money on the table to take the lead. And in the Boat They do not want to enter an operation that they believe is being clouded.

Barça leave Jovic in stand by

In addition, the culers know that to convince they will have to run over effort. And the big ones offer something to him Boat, For now, you can not. This is minutes and protagonism from the first day.

The four candidates to cover the non-signing of Jovic

That is why in the city of Barcelona they are already studying other options that they have put on the table to reinforce the front next year. Up to four are the names they have proposed in Messi and company as new box office co-workers: Rodrigo, Rashford, Pepes or Griezmann.

In the first and last, however, they do not want to see them in the dressing room. Valencia's forward thinks that the best one was already seen and that theirs 28 years old It will no longer reach the level that you require in it Boat. They see it as the new one Paco Alcácer. And what to say about Antoine Griezmann, To which the train passed last summer. The culer team is not a set to which one can go whenever he wants.

Antoine Griezmann | EFE

Nicolas Pépé, from LilleYes, it's an option that pleases more. In addition, it is priced in some 40 millions of euros, Which would make him a very affordable signing. The problem is that you have a fine contract 2022, So that the Gauls will not go down in their pretensions.

That's why the favorite is Rashford. The value of the forward of 21 years is in 80 million, But finishes contract in 2020. If it does not renew before summer, the Manchester United I could be forced to sell it so I would not see it coming out next year with the letter of freedom. It will depend on how the Boat play your cards.

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