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Brekit, "a stone in the shoes" for the British music industry


From Beatles and David Bovi to the Arctic monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, pop music was one of the main ones Export products from the United Kingdom. Nearly the denomination of origin for testing generational changes and market transformations.

However, Brekit could be a 4000,000 pound stove for this market, which is similar to costs that would include the NAICM's cancellation (120 billion pesos, according to the current exchange rate), according to Measurement Music 2018, the producer of the UK Music organization.

The Crovn Capital 2018 -What will be held next weekend at Hermanos Rodriguez Autodromo is a wide British offer: almost a third of 48 boxing cartels.

The proportions are similar in Coachelli (EU), Lovlands (Holland), Sonar (Spain), Rock Am Ring (Germany) and Lollapalooza (France, Germany, EU, Chile, Brazil and Argentina). But in the coming years, they could be reduced if the Government of Theresa Maj does not reach the necessary agreements with the European Union that allow the free movement of people and capital, as well as tax areas where groups can visit in Europe without tariff barriers or extensive procedures, experts say Financial, as well as a study launched by activist Bob Geldof last month, who sent a letter – signed by about 100 musicians, such as Bernard Summer, Sting and Ed Sheeran – in Dovning Street to prevent British music is located in a "cultural prison".

"There is a tough moment for British artists. The main problem will be bureaucratic, because they will have to process a work visa for each European country in which they will play. In Mexico, on the other hand, only a request letter is being processed by a lawyer in coordination with the National Institute for Migration, "said art developer Diego Jimenez Labora, who will bring the Sonar 2019 Festival.

In this way – the interlocutors coincide – on Brekit it could be a window of opportunity for Latin American festivals, because the bands should not have enough paperwork to present itself.

Within Crovn Capital 2018 they will play groups – among others The Kooks, The Chemical Brothers and The Jesus and Mari Chain – who had their most successful moments in the 1980s and 1990s, only when United Kingdom it benefited from the fiscal and commercial policy of the European Economic Community, which became the European Union in 1993.

"If the necessary agreements are not reached, travel will have to be planned more time in advance and this could increase costs and cause logistical problems," says Jimenez.

But in the event that the government in May reached an agreement on the issue of visas, artists will still have to pay up to 20 percent of their social security benefits, which they are currently excluded, Ivan notes. Heveet in the column The Telegraph. "Paper works calling the European Orchestra – for example – require one hour of administrative work, but with Brekit it can be increased to 100 hours," he says.

Less formal formalities are needed in Mexico, and if artists have an American visa, it's getting easier, says Leizer Guss, music programmer from EDC. "This could be a window of opportunity for Latin America, although the reality is that there is still a lot of festivals that compete with the summer season in Europe."

The new line has a 62-year-old anti-Brekit leader: Bernard Summer, who said: "Leaving Europe is a stupid decision." He was one of the beneficiaries of European multiculturalism. The success of the new order would not have existed without the Berlin electronic scene or Italo disc. In 1988, Blue Monday reached the top chart in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland, when Europe was no longer the neighborhood of nationalism.

"Interestingly, there will be political implications, and in the case of stones, there will undoubtedly be interesting groups to express the rejection of Brekit. It would be interesting to open doors in Latin America to express their anger, because in Europe the procedures may be complicated," Leizer says.

The effects on the industry, says Geldof, will be multiple, from reducing copyright fees and copyright and intellectual property issues to reduced sales of physical and digital disks.

In its latest report, the British phonographic industry also warns: "Brekit is threatening the impressive revenue generated by the music industry in the United Kingdom, the country that most exports music after the US." According to this agency, 2017 was the most popular year of British music. Sales of record labels in the United Kingdom rose by 12 percent to 408 million pounds.

And that's from Beatlemania there was not a decade in the music released by British personalities. The 90s could not be understood without Robbie Villiams, one of Corona's main events that told Talkradio that he would like to see "hard and fellow Brekit." Unexpected words from someone whose tour mostly takes place in Europe, for which he earned $ 46 million a year, People say. His contract with EMI in 2002 – worth 94 million euros – the second is the strongest for a soloist in the UK, according to the Sun's data.

Industries that are most affected by Brekit without an agreement – says that legal and tax claims on Brekit, from KPMG will be those that depend on use Community passports for the free circulation of goods and services and which benefit from European Union tax laws.

Consulting confirms what Geldof warns in his letter: art tours or festival organization could be affected because bands can no longer use VAT that operates across Europe. "The direct effect of leaving the UK, the study warns, will no longer be part of the territory of VAT and customs union, which could lead to the existence of tariff rates and indirect taxes on imports / exports that have not been applied so far."

The study continues: "This could also entail the abolition of the common tariff rates applied to non-EU countries and in parallel with the VAT effect, the harmonization of special taxes or the initiative for the introduction of a transaction tax will be rejected in the United Kingdom. Institutions (FTT) in the European Union. "

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